Thursday, January 9, 2014

National Soup Month

With most of the nation in freakin' cold weather from the polar vortex, what better day to celebrate National Soup Month!

So, tell us, Killer Chicks, what's your favorite soup?  Do you ever make your own?

B.E.:  I like soups of all kinds - especially when it's chilly-cold.  And I like chili - even when it's not cold.  Sometimes I use Campbell's Chunky or Progresso or any old canned soup, but I do like to make my own soups when I can.  Problem with my soups, though, is I never use a recipe, so when I make a soup I really like, I can't repeat it exactly.  It's more a pinch of this and a dash of that, throwing whatever I think will be tasty into the pot.  With lots of tasting. 

JB:  Strawberry soup is my favorite…though that's more like dessert than soup.

I make a lot of soup. Right now in my fridge/freezer I've got Butternut Squash Apple soup and 16 Bean Soup (based loosely on the recipe found here). And there's chili in the freezer, B.E.!


B.E. Sanderson said...

I need chili in my freezer, JB! Heck, I'd make chili if I could get out and go to the store, but we're kinda trapped here by the nasty weather. Made pot roast soup yesterday. Today might be a good day for vegetable soup.

Janet said...

Love soups, especially at this time of year! Chicken noodle is my favorite, but I love a Baked Potato soup (with cheddar cheese and bacon bits) or a tomato (but then I have to have a grilled cheese to go with it). Funny, I'm making chili this weekend!

Silver James said...

Soup is good. I make my own beef stew which is more like vegetable soup with meat. Clam Chowder (New England sytle). Chili. And French Onion. Though I usually get it in a restaurant. Making it is time consuming and even Campbell's canned variety is better than my homemade. LOL It's grey, dreary, and chilly outside. Wish I had the stuff to make beef stew tonight. Now I'm hungry for it.

Karyn Good said...

Winter comfort food is the best! I LOVE soup and I even enjoy making it. Cauliflower rice soup, butternut sweet potato curry soup, carrot dill soup, and hearty veggie soup. Yum.

Karyn Good said...
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B.E. Sanderson said...

Oh man, so many good soups. I got hungry just reading the comments. Thanks, guys! =o)

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