Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Start of Something New That's a Take on the Old

Hi All!  As I promised yesterday, here's a snippet from my latest WIP (work in progress) for Teaser Tuesday.  This is the third book in a series I haven't even gotten an agent for or sold yet, but I love the world so much, I had to write another book. Sorry that it's totally first drafty quality.  I already see some things that need changing, but at this point, I don't edit.  The purpose of a first draft, at least for me, is to get the words on the page.  I can fix everything once it's done.

Otherwise Untitled Djinn 3 (wherein our heroine Jo Mayweather finds herself up wish creek* without a paddle):

...Life as a genie is long, but hey, unless you really work at it, it’s not boring.
Sometimes I wish I put forth the effort.
Especially when the ceiling collapsed on my head.
I didn’t do it.  I was minding my own business—which is to say I was rescuing a djinn from his latest, wish-sucking Master.  Who knew how he got into the hands of the self-professed booby-trap king, but I don’t ask these things.  Questions like that make my head hurt.  I just go where I’m needed.
So, I slid on my latex gloves and snatched that bad boy’s receptacle off the pretty stand where it lounged.  Who knew the place was going to go all Raiders of the Lost Ark on me?
Lucky for me, I can’t really die—at least not that way.  So far the only way I’ve discovered for a genie to die is for some asshole Master to make the ungrantable wish.  And after going a good many decades without a Master, I’m not about to let myself get caught in that trap again.  Whoever wants the dubious distinction of owning Josephine Ephigenia Mayweather will have to crawl over my dead body—and like I said, that ain’t happening.
Still, having a ceiling crumble on anyone’s head hurts like hell.  I think at least a dozen of my immortal bones snapped like twigs.  Several vital organs popped like ketchup packets.  I’m pretty sure I lost an eye.  I know I was out for at least a few minutes because when I came to, I found my bruised ass in a cage… 

*Hey, there could be the title!  Up Wish Creek!


Janet said...

Lucky for me, I've read Djinnocide - and am so excited that you're working on #3! And a little concerned that you have Jo getting caught! You hooked me, B.E. - love Jo's character, she's badass!

Like the proposed title, too - at least it will be a working on, right?

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, Janet! And don't worry. She'll be doing some asskicking and get herself out of this mess. I'm working it so it flows with Djinn2.

And the working title is still Djinn3, but Up Wish Creek flows with the new title of Djinnocide - Wish in One Hand. Now I just need to find a title for Djinn2 where I use a common phrase with WISH in it or substitute WISH for one of the other words.

jblynn said...

Great start! I love Jo!! Can't wait to read more!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, JB! I'll let you know when and if it's ever readable. =o)

Silver James said...

I love Jo's world! And love that title for this one. :)

FYI? Iffy is doing her I'm-special smirk at the screen. She thinks you borrowed her name for Jo's middle.

B.E. Sanderson said...

And there's one mistake I should've caught early. Tell Iffy I must've been thinking of her, because Jo's middle name is actually Eugenia. Derp.

Thanks for loving Jo's world, Silver. I'm kinda partial to it. =o)

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