Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do the Tough Stuff

I've taken to literally writing (by hand, shocking right?) "I do the tough stuff" ten times every day.

 I know it sounds stupid, or maybe crazy, or maybe like a giant waste of time, but it works for me.

 Call it a mantra, a reminder, a pep talk, a kick in the ass -- whatever… it's necessary… not to write down, but to do.

And not just for me…but for YOU.

 This has become apparent in the past couple of weeks when it seems like everyone I know has told me about things they've avoided/are avoiding doing.

 Don't get me wrong. I don't do ALL the tough stuff. I don't have the energy, or time, or motivation to do it all. But I do make a conscious effort to do a lot more of it. 

Tough stuff is different for everyone.

 For writer it could be these kinds of things:

 If you'd rather play on Facebook than write, forcing yourself to reach a daily word count goal might be tough for you.

 If you've never joined a writing group, or attended a conference…that might be tough for you.

 If you've never had a critique partner, that might be tough for you.

 If you hate edits, that might be tough for you.

 If you hate marketing, that might be tough for you.

 But here's the thing: YOU'VE GOT TO DO THE TOUGH STUFF or you're not going to grow.

 I'm pretty sure no one has ever moved forward by staying where it's comfortable and safe.

 I know it's scary and uncomfortable and misery-making, but you've got to do it.

  So tell me: What's tough for you? And what tough stuff are you going to tackle?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I'm finding it tough to do anything work related right now. And I've been using the vacation as a scapegoat. Or a crutch. One of many. Thanks for this kick in the pants this morning, JB. I needed it. ;o)

Janet said...

Wow! Great post, JB - a great reminder for all of us to step up and reach for those dreams (they certainly are not going to fall into your lap, for all we would like them to!)!!

I think if you 'don't do the tough stuff', then you need to be OK with the results, no regrets!

Karyn Good said...

Great post, JB! I'm bad for avoiding the whole marketing area of this crazy writing business. But that won't help me reach my goal. Thanks for the reminder to just get it I go. Any second now. Really. I'm serious.


Silver James said...

Yeah, this post hit home. I'm with Karyn. Marketing. Hate it. With fork-in-eye-stabby vehemence. *sigh*

I'm using deadlines as my excuse. *nods* Yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

jblynn said...

B.E. -- I provide butt-kicking free of charge ;-)

Janet -- Are you able to cultivate that "no regrets" attitude? It's a skill I wish I had.

JB Lynn said...

Karyn -- Go! Do it! NOW!!!

Silver -- I know the deadline excuse quite well. :-)

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