Monday, March 24, 2014

Go Home, Muse. You're Drunk.

Sorry I was quiet last week.  I went on vacation.  We came back on Friday.  Unfortunately, I think my muse took the opportunity to ditch me during our layover in Atlanta and she took my gumption along with her as a drinking buddy.

She came back Saturday night, drunk off her ass.  I was nestled down for a good night's sleep in my own bed for a change, when she burst into my brain whispering plot twists.  The bitch.  Lucky for me, she hammered at me so hard I remembered most of what she said.  She was drunk, but she was genius.

Now I just need to coax out of her where she left my gumption.  She gave me these awesome ideas but without the gumption, I can't do a damn thing with them.  I suspect she ditched him, too, and he has to walk back from wherever she left him.  Here's hoping he doesn't wake up hungover in a dumpster outside Vegas with his wallet missing.

That's the sort of thing she'd do.

I wish she'd taken my self-doubt instead of my gumption.  But then again, who wants to party with Self-Doubt. She's a bitch.  ;o)

Oh, and while I was in Florida, I finally got to meet my fellow Killer Chick.  JB is as awesome as she seems online.  I'd post pics, but I didn't ask her first.  Plus, she's got the photos of the two of us on her camera.  I just have shots of her.  Maybe next week I'll talk more about the trip... If I can get my damn muse sober enough to write a coherent post. 


Janet said...

LOL - Too funny, B.E.! But in all seriousness, I'm glad your muse came back and whispered loudly in your ear. Gumption will be home soon - so be ready when he walks in that door (have all your errands done so that you have nothing that Self-doubt can suggest for you to do when he comes waltzing in the door).

Glad you had a good time - and met JB (how cool)!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

In all fairness, Janet, that long layover in Atlanta would've driven anyone to drink, so I'll forgive my muse. Let's not talk about errands, though. First up is Hubs changing a flat tire and then we have to take and get it fixed (again... right this time). Maybe Gumption knew what was waiting here at home and decided to wait until it was over. ;o)

JB Lynn said...

Ack! I forgot to send you the pics, sorry!

It's always hard to get going again after a vacation, but it sounds like the muse, drunk or not, is doing her best to help!!

Silver James said...

I sent the search team out for Gumption. He'll be returned soon. I sent chocolate with Cooper and Brandy with Boone. If Brandy can't lure Gumption back...

I'd send Iffy for a play date but you don't need the aggravation. Welcome home. Now get to work.

Karyn Good said...

Know how you feel! I was on holidays last week too. My gumption stayed in sunny Arizona. How awesome that you finally got to meet face to face! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you're gumption shows up unscathed.

B.E. Sanderson said...

No problem, JB. Whenever you get around to it. =o) And yeah, it's hard to get motivated right now. I'll get there.

Thanks, Silver. If chocolate and brandy don't do it, I'm doomed. LOL. And please don't send Iffy. I don't think I could handle her right now.

Yay for holidays, Karyn! Maybe your gumption and mine met up for a wild weekend. I did have a nice trip. How was yours?

Liz Fichera said...

Best. Post. Title. Ever. :)

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, thanks, Liz. =o)

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