Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Questions OR Answers?

My apologies for this short post, but I'm tired. Emotionally and physically, AND quite frankly, my brain is fried. Questions or Answers I'd rather plot than write. Yes. You read that right. I think it's WAY more fun to plot than write. This really hit home a couple of months ago when I helped a friend (a former pantser) plot a novella she was planning to write. I had a ball asking her questions. She did all the work, coming up with answers. Then she did more work and actually wrote the thing. (I read it this weekend and I happen to think it's pretty awesome.) I totally get why James Patterson farms out his novels. It's way more fun (for me) to ask questions, to make plot decisions, to play in the broad stroke playground. I'd guess that my friend, who is brilliant with all the little detail stuff would say that coming up with the answers is more fun. Tell me Killer Friends: What do you enjoy more: questions or answers? **A big congrats goes out to former Killer Chick Jennifer Hillier on her Vegas wedding!


Janet said...

Answers - definitely answers! Great topic, JB! Interesting take on plotting/pantsing and a hint in there on how to combine the two.

Hope you get some rest, my friend!

jblynn said...

Interesting, janet. Are you a panther?

I had lunch with a lovely writer friend today…hopefully that's recharged my batteries. ;-)

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