Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

This is from a romantic suspense novel I've been trying to finish for years. I'm ALMOST there.

Hannah Maitland, the missing girl, lived in a beige Cape Cod in the middle of town. It was the section where the lawns were kept tidy by the homeowners instead of day labor hired help and seasonal decorations were put up and taken down on schedule.
            Coop knocked sharply on the front door and then took a step back so the he could be seen clearly through the peephole. He glanced sideways at Kimberly who was fidgeting uncomfortably. She’d been quiet and withdrawn since they’d left the river.
            The woman obviously had a lot of issues. While understandable, they were another reason to stay away from her. He had enough baggage of his own to drag through life, he didn’t need to pick up anyone else’s, which is why he’d told her he had to think about having a fling with her.
            Sensing him watching her, she flashed him a half-smile, a mix of trepidation and hope flickering in her gaze. His intention to stay away from her evaporated and he was forced to accept the reason he hesitated about having a fling with her was because he wanted so much more.
            The door opened revealing a small woman with pinched features.
            “Mrs. Maitland?” Coop asked.
            “Miss. I’m not married to that s.o.b. any longer.”
            “My apologies,” Coop replied smoothly, noting that the divorcee was just as hostile toward her ex-husband as DeSousa had indicated. “My name is Cooper Washington. I’m a private investigator and this is my associate Ms. Richardson.” He handed her a business card. “The District Attorney has asked me to assist the police in the search for your daughter.”
            She scanned the card suspiciously.
            “May we come in and ask you some questions?”
            Nodding slowly, she shuffled backward. They followed her into the house. Every flat surface was covered with photographs of the missing girl.
Noticing a playpen set up in the far corner of the living room, Coop asked, “Hannah is your only child?”
            Indicating they should sit on the sofa, Miss Maitland sank into a chintz-covered armchair. “I have a son.” Her voice was oddly flat.
            “And how old is he?”
            She spent a long moment calculating. “He turned two last month.”
            Coop stiffened, fighting the urge to look over at the playpen. What kind of mother had to think about how old her child was?  Something about the situation felt wrong, very wrong. “What’s his name?”
            “John.” Something in his voice must have given away his suspicions because a note of defensiveness sharpened her tone.
            “Are Hannah and John close?” Kimberly interjected pleasantly, diffusing the tension.
            Miss Maitland looked over at her daughter’s photos adoringly. Tears welled in her eyes. “She’s a sweet girl. Good to him. Too good. Such a treasure, my little angel.”

            Coop leaned back in his seat, hoping that Kimberly would understand he wanted her to keep questioning the mother.


Janet said...

Nice! Lots of questions raised - especially the son and the relationship the mother has with him. Looking forward to hearing (reading) more on this, JB!! Good luck with the finishing :)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ooo, good one! I definitely want to know what's up with that mother. =o)

Silver James said...

Finish it! *snaps whip* It's off to an intriguing start and I definitely want to know more about the mother, the girl, the son, and I already like Coop. :)

Aisyah Putri Setiawan said...

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