Monday, March 17, 2014

What's On Your Desk?

I rearranged my office space last week.  It used to look like this...

Now it looks like this:
One thing about both these pics is that my desk is curiously clean.  Trust me, it doesn't look like this most of the time.  In the first pic, we'd just moved in and I hadn't had time to properly mess the place up yet.  In the second, I just moved it and cleaning was necessary. 

Right now?  It still doesn't look too bad.  I've still got my three containers for writing implements - an actual writing utensil holder for pens and pencils (and my scissors) shaped like a stack of books, a coffee mug from my old days working for WNMU full of black markers, and one of those sleeves for keeping your beverage cold, now with various highlighters.  The mug says "20th Anniversary All Things Considered" on one side and "Public Radio" on the other.  The sleeve says "You're Definitely NOT One of My 3 Wishes" on the other - in honor of my genie books.

You can also see my coffee mug.  (In the old shot I had a glass of Mtn. Dew - but that was an afternoon shot.  About noon, I switch from one caffeinated beverage to the other.)  The orange thing beside my keyboard is my lighter, and behind the pen holders is my ashtray.  (Yep, I sometimes smoke in my office - right next to the computer... I'm a rebel.)

Today, I have two other lighters as well... because I'm notorious for setting lighters down and then just grabbing a new one out of the drawer until eventually I have a pile of lighters all in one place.  I also have a small notepad and a pad of sticky notes.  Under my monitor I have a stack of business cards to remind me of things that need doing - like the doctor's appointment I need to make for week after next, and the card to my new hairdresser. 

I also still have a picture of my parents in a clear plastic frame, sitting right in front of my computer.  Every once in a while I'll look at it and say 'Hi' to my Dad.  (I say 'Hi' to Mom all the time on the phone, but Dad's gone now, so I only get to talk to his pictures.)

And of course, there's the computer.  Desktop model, flat-screen monitor.  It works for me.  I could get a laptop, but I like the big clunky computer with the standard keyboard and the mouse.  And until they stop making them, I'll keep working the way I work best.  Right here, sending words out into the world.

So, in the fashion of the credit card commercials, but slightly less annoying (I hope)... What's on your desk?


Janet said...

Funny, I am doing an office post tomorrow (highlighting the walls and what I stare at every day). There will be a picture of my desk, too.

But for today - on the desk: a stack of papers writing related, a blue pen and a red pen, a pile of file folders and a coil book work related, a coffee mug (this usually changes to a glass of water or a cup of tea later on), a timer, a file holder that I've propped a picture of our first German Shepherd, a Christmas Cactus, a picture of Taz, a picture of The Husband and I, a business card holder and a candle. There, I think I've got everything.

BTW - I have a laptop (it sits to the side of my computer), hooked up to a gigantic monitor (I work from home, so I need a gigantic monitor) and hooked up to a cordless keyboard and mouse. Basically, I use the laptop like a PC, but, when I need it, it is portable.

That was fun :) Love you Genie Sleeve, that's cool!

jblynn said...

Love: You're Definitely NOT One of My 3 Wishes

I don't have a desk.

Clarice Wynter said...

My desk at home is pretty clean too, mostly because I very rarely work there. I usually sit at the dining room table, which, incidentally is usually a mess.

Silver James said...

You don't want to know! I had it cleaned off--sort of--at one point but now it's all cluttered again because...I work messy. My walls are messy too. Though I did clean off my writer board. I can at least see all the sticky notes now and I have a clear space that I can make write-on/wipe-off nones on. There's a reason my nickname was Pigpen growing up. :)

jblynn said...

Janet -- Can't wait to see yours!

Clarice -- But you have that beautiful office! :-(

Silver -- a gal after my own heart ;-)

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