Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get to the expected place in an unexpected way

I'm a fan of the tv series JUSTIFIED and I recently read this article about the show.

This line, "The thing is to get to the expected place in an unexpected way,” from producer Dave Andron, really resonated with me.

I think it's something every writer should strive for.  I know it's something I'm ALWAYS working toward with my Neurotic Hitwoman series. Considering how often people tell me that they never know where my books are headed, I must occasionally pull it off.  ;-)

Speaking of the unexpected, I'm currently working on an unexpected project. I can't tell you about it yet, but I can tell you that I'm having loads of fun with it!!

Since I'm on deadline with THE HITWOMAN & THE 7 COPS I'm going to cut this post short, but here's a quick, unexpected mini-teaser from it. This features Maggie and Armani:

“I heard through the grapevine she and Harry are considering eloping. To Vegas. Isn’t that cool?”
It would be cool if Harry, our boss, stopped hitting on me. Otherwise I could care less. “They just met.”
“Thanks to one of my predictions,” she reminded me. “Not the first couple I’ve set up. “
I rolled my eyes. “Let me guess. You’re thinking of getting into the matchmaking business.”
“Don’t sound like that. I’ve got skills.”

As we rounded the corner I saw Vinnie, nephew and bodyguard of crime boss Tony Delveccio lounging against the wall. The steroid-fueled moron and I weren’t exactly on the friendliest of terms. “Do me a favor,” I muttered. “Fix up that muscle-head.”

What's something unexpected that happened to YOU?


B.E. Sanderson said...

In fiction, the unexpected is great. In life? Not such a fan. I try to think of every eventuality ahead of time. You know - expect the unexpected. It doesn't always work, but not a lot surprises me anymore.

jblynn said...

B.E. -- Sometimes the unexpected in life is great. Sometimes it throws you for a loop.

Silver James said...

Oh, dear. Armani fixing up Vinnie? There're reams of material there!

I agree. When a reader says, "I didn't see that coming!" I want to fist pump and happy dance. I enjoy being surprised when I'm ready or watching TV/a movie. But like B.E.? In Real Life, not so much!

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