Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month.  Any bets as to why?  :cough:taxes:cough:

B.E.:  I'm a worrier by nature, so all sorts of things stress me out.  Death, taxes, baseball, whether the lilies-of-the-valley that I planted last fall will ever start to come up, money, cat health, politics...  You get the picture.  Oh, and there's my writing career which is more like a non-starter than an actual career.  That's a big stress hurricane right there.

JB:   Deadlines!!!!! I'm very, very stressed by deadlines.  They contain the word "DEAD" for a reason.

Your turn... let the stress out a little by telling us what has you stressed lately.  What stresses you out in general?  What's one of your methods for beating stress?


Janet said...

My stress these days seem to be over the top - suffice to say, life has been hard. I've discovered that sleep is how I handle stress. I just want to sleep until the whole stress-thing goes away. Either that or run away - I've been searching real estate, never a good sign.

jblynn said...

Janet - I'm sorry you're so stressed. I've never heard of searching for real estate as a stress reliever, but it makes sense! ((hugs))

Casey L. Clark said...

I second everything B.E. said!

Casey L. Clark said...

When I'm overwhelmed, I sleep "like a baby in a busy airport" as my friends say. :)

Karyn Good said...

Writing is my therapy, that's how I escape stress. Also, I eat. Which is a bad thing. Somehow knowing there's a whole month dedicated to how stressed we all are doesn't make me feel less stressed. Hugs to everyone.

Silver James said...

My stress all came in February and March, with Lawyer Guy's health, house purchase and move by Baseball Boy and Only, Only's induction and arrival of Magic Bean Sprout--oh, and deadlines.

Like Karyn, I tend to eat. Never good when I'm already overweight. My physical problems kick in big time, which lessens the ability to exercise. Now that things are finally calming down *knocks wood* I hope to find my center again.

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