Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hitwoman and the 7 Cops -- Cover Reveal

The Hitwoman and the 7 Cops

All reluctant hitwoman Maggie Lee really wants, is to have a calm, normal life.

She doesn’t want to go around killing people for money.
She doesn’t want her sister to be terrified of her ex-pimp.
She doesn’t want her Dad to disappear from the Witness Protection program.

But Maggie rarely gets what she wants.

Instead, she finds herself trying to keep everyone out of trouble.

With the help of her ragtag team of supporters: her semi-psychic friend, a handsome, charming con man, her almost-lover cop/hitman mentor, her curious Southern Belle cat, her haughty lizard, and her sweet, but dumb Doberman, Maggie does her best to stay a step ahead of Law Enforcement, while helping those she loves.

But will Maggie end up being the one who needs to be saved?


If you haven't read the rest of the series, now is a great time to catch up!


B.E. Sanderson said...

What an awesome cover! Squee! I totally love it.

Janet said...

Fabulous cover, JB - congrats!!!

Silver James said...

Two thumbs up! Can't wait for the latest installments of Maggie's Misadventures(tm). ;)

jblynn said...

My cover designer is amazing, isn't she? :-)

Karyn Good said...

Can't wait to read. Cover looks fabulous. BTW, Maggie and I have the same taste in shoes!

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