Monday, April 28, 2014

The Sweet Spot

When we lived in Colorado, we were positioned on the eastern plains - an area that was pretty much like Kansas in its tornadic activity.  Time and again, we'd watch the radar and see huge storms roll across the plains toward our little town.  And time & again, we'd see the storm veer to the north or the south just before it reached us.  They'd even, on occasion, split in half - with part going one way and part going another until it passed the city and then it would form up again once it passed.

Oh, sure, every rare once in a while over the course of 9 summers, one would pass over town.  I remember one day back in... oh, it had to be 2007... where a massive cloud formation, edged in creepy green, swirled above us until it looked like the bottom of a very slow tornado encircling the entire town.  That one moved on and dropped a twister east of town. 

Some of those suckers even set down a few swirly bits right before they got here, then sucked them back up and mozied away. 

Well, it seems like we were in the sweet spot there.  And it seems like we've hit the sweet spot again with our new digs. 

You may have heard about the storms in Missouri last night.  It's early yet and I haven't really seen much of the news, but I saw enough last night and first thing to know all the crap passed either to the north and west of us, or to the south and east.  As of bedtime, we'd only lost one big limb and it was already dead when it dropped on the little tree beneath it.  (Hubs got it out before it caused any damage.)  Daylight will tell whether the trees sustained any other damage.  All I know for certain right now is that the power didn't even burp here.

So, yes, we're all safe and well.  My thoughts go out to all the others who aren't this morning. 

How are things in your neck of the woods?


jblynn said...

Glad you're okay. These storms are just so awful. :-(

Silver James said...

Storms are weird. I sometimes wonder if they have a mind of their own. I've seen them hit places I didn't think they'd be likely. And I've seen them hit the same place time after time. Glad you're safe! This reminds me. We're supposed to be in an El Nino year and that always affects where the storms tend to hit. Must research that.

Stay safe!

Janet said...

Glad to hear you're OK and the storms veered past you!! It's crazy weather every where - my mom is shovelling 10cm of snow today. It's her 84th birthday and she says she can't remember it ever snowing on her birthday before.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that your storms continue to 'steer' clear :)

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