Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Those Goals We Can't Quite Give Up On

If you've been following me for a while, you probably know I'm a big believer in setting goals and going after them. You probably also know that I don't always achieve my stated goals (sigh).

Some of us have goals that we fail to meet year after year and yet we're loathe to give up on them.

For some it's Reading More, for others it's Writing More, for others it's Lose Weight, and for others it's Stop Wasting So Much Time on the Internet (not that you're wasting time now).

Back in January of 2013 one of my publicly stated goals was to run multiple times with someone other than my husband or my dog.  (If you're a stalker, you know that I tried this once, failed dismally because I'm so slow and was thoroughly disheartened by the whole thing.)

Now it's April of 2014 and I no longer have the dog, and I no longer have the husband. And yet, because it was one of those things I couldn't give up on, I've finally achieved my goal of running multiple times with others,

And guess what? It's pretty freaking wonderful. Not the running (I'm still not a huge fan of that) but the camaraderie.  I've found a group of people who are more than willing to cheerily slow down and cheer others on. I've FINALLY achieved this goal and it's more awesome than I imagined.

I'm telling you this because I suspect you have at least one of those nagging goals rattling around in the back of your head. I'm telling you this because maybe you've given up on trying to achieve it because you've failed so many times before…and yet you really haven't because otherwise it wouldn't be hanging out back there, poking you with the "what if" stick.

I'm telling you this because I want to drown out the "I can't" voice in your head.

You CAN read more.
You CAN write more.
You CAN lose weight.
You CAN stop wasting so much time on the internet. (but again, you're NOT wasting time now, lol)
You CAN run  a marathon.
You CAN raise a ton of money for charity.
You CAN start a business.
You CAN quit the job you hate.


I'm not saying this just because I finally found a running group. I'm saying it because after having watched two dear friends struggle with their respective books for years, I'm witnessing them preparing to publish them.

I'm saying it because I'm so tired of hearing people (including myself -- myself most of all) saying they can't do things.

Tell me Killer Friends: What CAN you do?


Janet said...

I'm so glad you found a running group and that you love it, JB! Sometimes we just need to get out of our way and those 'I can't' messages disappear in puffs of smoke! I know from experience that's how it works for me.

Your post reminds me of the saying, 'try, try again'

B.E. Sanderson said...

"Never give up, never surrender." Or another favorite of mine "Never say die, but very frequently say 'ouch'."

Great post, JB. I'm so glad you didn't give up on your goal and that you have achieved it. I haven't given up either, just so you know. I'm just treading water. I think I need to make May a version of NaNo and just set my buns down and tear through this. Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead. ;o)

Silver James said...

So glad you never gave up, JB! Good on you. Enjoy the companionship of your group and now with each run you'll get a little faster.

My current goal is just to get through the next few months with my sanity intact. I have a June 1st deadline. I have to tear apart my proposal for my July 21st deadline project, put it back together, and resubmit so I can get the go-ahead to know...WRITE the whole book. *sigh*

But I'm certainly not wasting time on the internet, especially when I visit here. ;)

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