Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What makes you nervous?

I was invited by the lovely Maureen A. Miller,  to participate in a release party for DANGEROUS DOZEN (a collection of romantic suspense novels by twelve authors…amazing how that works out, isn't it?).

During my segment we tackled the question: What makes you nervous?

There were some common answers: spiders, heights, crowds.

And some uncommon answers: football??????

Here's a quick list of things that make me nervous:

     Creepy crawlies of any kind

     Heights (a "height" is defined as anything as high, or higher than, the first step of my step stool)

     Running out of coffee (Duh!!!)

     Gunfire (a neurosis I've developed since moving to Florida -- a neighbor a couple of blocks away indulges in regular target practice)

    When my dog barks at absolutely nothing late at night (is my place haunted?)

I realized that Maggie Lee from the CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN series isn't nervous about any of those things (except maybe the coffee thing…and even if she did run out of coffee, you know a certain red head would bring her some).

While I think anole lizards are cute to look at, you'll never catch me picking one up.

Maggie enjoys climbing. (She IS crazy!)

Gunfire doesn't bother her.

She understands what her dog is saying. (Assuming she's got someone around to translate the horrendous grammar.)

Tell me Killer Friends: What makes you nervous? Will you read/write/watch books or movies that contain subject matter that explore your phobias?  (I won't watch spiders!)


Janet said...

No spiders - but I can watch them on TV or if they're in the movies (or, even outside of the window - I could watch them spinning their webs forever).

Heights - yes!

Stuff I don't want to deal with - makes me incredibly nervous and anxious!

Weird sounds at night - including (yes, JB, I have a dog like that) the dog barking for no reason!

Fire - never been in one, but fire freaks me out!

Interesting about the football!??!!!??

B.E. Sanderson said...

Crowds. I can't handle crowds. Unless I'm working - then staying focused on work makes me not notice the other people. But put me in a busy grocery store and it takes all I have just to keep it together.

The smell of smoke when I can't tell where it's coming from.

Nervous people make me nervous. Like a chain reaction.

Unidentified brown spiders. Here in Brown Recluse country, if it's brown, I kill it.

Silver James said...

Hrm...There are things I'm not fond of, but nothing really makes me nervous. I really don't like crowds but it has more to do with security and control than being nervous. Spiders? Kill 'em if they're inside, or poisonous. Mice? Catch 'em and move out. Blood? Apply first aid or call 9-1-1. Weapons? I have them. Fire? Been there, did that. Heights? Same thing. Dogs barking at nothing? Yeah, my house is haunted.

Wow. You know, I really SHOULD find something to be nervous about. Maybe I'm too fatalistic. Or pragmatic. Or just freakin' weird! LOL

jblynn said...

Janet -- I agree about having to deal with stuff you don't necessarily want to deal with. :-(

B.E. -- In NJ people hadn't been allowed to burn leaves/brush/etc since I was a kid. Here in FL they seem to burn every day…it really freaked me out in the beginning, lol.

Silver -- good for you!

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