Monday, April 21, 2014

You Can Take the City Manager Out of the City...

...but you can't take the Manager out of him. 

That's pretty much the refrain here at Sanderson, Inc.  Last year, about this time, my husband retired from being a city manager and we moved to our 'retirement' home.  I put the retirement in quotes because even though he's officially retired, he's still working.  Now instead of managing a city of about 3500, he's managing a city of 2 (four if you include the cats).  Instead of dealing with a large infrastructure where there are 4 wells, an electric distribution network, a drainage/sewage system, park, recreation, library... you get the gist... he's dealing with a small infrastructure in one house.   (I'm in charge of Parks and the Library.  LOL)

Anyway, he left the city behind, but he's still got projects.  Just now instead of 30-some employees, he just has himself (and me, when I can be helpful).  Right now, he's working on the insulation project.  I don't know how many rolls and bats he ordered, but here's pretty much what it looks like in the garage:

(And yes, that is Max up there on top of the pile - or as he likes to think of it, his new extra-comfy cat bed.)

Lest you think he's the only one who can't let his old job go, though, look at me.  I haven't worked for other people in ten years, but I'm still doing my secretarial duties when it comes to backing up the Manager.  I'm also still working the sales angle, and I haven't done that as an occupation for 13 years.  It's kind of engrained. 

I think our occupations kind of become who we are - if they weren't who we were already.  And even if someone told me I had to stop writing books, I'd still be writing something somewhere fifty years from now. 

What about you?  Do you have an occupation you no longer work in that you find yourself doing anyway?  Do you think if you left your current occupation that you'd still be trying to work it?


Silver James said...

I can't NOT write. It's part of my DNA. As for previous jobs, sort of? I'm the neighborhood busybody and when I hear sirens, I click on either the scanner or my scanner iPhone app to find out what's going on. LOLOL

Janet said...

Can't stop being a teacher - I think it's in my blood! And not only a teacher, but an elementary teacher so I have oodles of patience with those in need (my MIL called me a saint when they came to visit - I took on my FIL who is not doing well, alzheimers). Now those who don't need my patience - yeah, they don't get any ;)

Love Max up there on the bats of insulation!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I bet you can't get those old first responder instincts to shut off, Silver, and I don't blame you. (I'm a busybody, too, but I have no work experience to excuse it.)

LOL, Janet, I can totally see you being kind and helpful to people who need it, and totally not to those who don't.

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