Thursday, May 8, 2014

Iris Day!

It's Iris Day!

What's YOUR favorite flower and what's blooming in your corner of the world now?

B.E.:  I love pretty much all flowers but I'm really grooving on my iris bed.  Last summer, I moved almost all my irises to a bed of their own and this year they're thriving:

And the irises I didn't move - even though they didn't bloom last year?  Those I cleaned up their area, which must've made them happy because they're blooming this year.  And they're white!  Yay!

JB: I'm a big fan of sunflowers and carnations. Right now my Hibisus is in full bloom:


Janet said...

The crocus and the daffodils have finally added color to the drab of our neck of the woods. The Forsythia is starting to bud out - soon the Rhododendron will follow! My favorite of all the spring flowers is the lilac!!

Happy Iris Day to you both :)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Wow. I love your hibiscus, JB!

Yay for your crocus and daffodils, Janet! You'll have to post pics of your forsythia and everything else. I love lilacs, too, but ours didn't bud this year. (Probably because I moved it. Maybe next year.)

Silver James said...

Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. It reminds me of my dad and my birthday. Right now, I have more irises blooming than I've had in awhile. I have a peony blooming, and right outside my window is the red petunias I planted in hanging baskets to draw the humming bird to the feeder. It worked. I saw one the other day flitting from flower to flower before settling on the feeder for a big, long drink!

jblynn said...

Janet -- I miss forsythia. :-(

B.E.-- I love the white iris. I'd never seen one before.

Silver -- love peonies!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Too cool about your peony, Silver. Mine have buds, but they haven't opened yet. Soon. And yay for the hummingbirds. I love those little guys.

I hadn't either, JB. They're pretty cool.

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