Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

Hey Killer Friends!

What's your favorite thing about the month of May?

B.E.:  My favorite thing about May is that it's my birth month.  Plus, my anniversary is this month, too.  Loads to celebrate.  It's also the month when Spring has really sprung and the trees are filling with leaves while the flowers are popping with color.

JB:  It's been hitting 90 by me, so I'm not looking forward to it getting warmer, that's for sure! This month I'm looking forward to the release of THE HITWOMAN AND THE 7 COPS and taking a quick trip to visit an old friend.

And if you don't have a favorite thing about May, what are you looking forward to now that the weather is getting warmer?


Janet said...

May - warmth (fingers crossed), flowers, leaves on the twiggy trees, G&Ts on the patio, a holiday Monday - yep, bring it on!!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Here's hoping for some May warmth for you up there, Janet!

DogsMom said...

While we need the rain, it does not have to be 48 to 72 hours straight!

I'd prefer gentle breezes too.

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