Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The manuscript is at the formatter (the last step before it's loaded on various retailers) but in the meantime, here's another sneak peek!

The ride, as we followed the ambulance with its flashing lights and blaring siren, was uncomfortable.
Detective Brian and Marshal Mike sat in the front seat of their government-issued sedan while I perched in the middle seat in the rear, sandwiched between Aunt Susan and Aunt Loretta who were living up to their witches nickname.
Susan had started the moment wed piled into the car.  This is all Archies fault.
You dont know that, Id automatically countered. I knew it could be my fault because of my illegal dealings, or Templetons since he frequented poker games with mobsters and was a regular at the local pawn shop.
Dont you dare defend that man, Susan railed. Its bad enough when your mother does it, but you dont get to do it too.
Leave the child alone, Loretta admonished. Shes right. We dont know its Archies fault.
We dont know? We dont know?
Both men in the front of the vehicle flinched as Susans voice hit a note that set my teeth on edge.
What we know is that every time he comes back into our lives, every single time, something terrible happens.
Not every time, Loretta corrected, twisting the mascara-blackened tissue shed used to blot away her tears.
Name one. Name one time.
In a misguided attempt to keep the peace, or maybe he was trying to protect his eardrums, the marshal entered the fray. Ladies, we dont know—”
We know. We know! Susan screeched.
I shrunk down in my seat, wishing I were anywhere else besides there.
Sit up, Margaret. Susan grabbed my shoulder and tugged upward as though that would fix my posture.
Why are they going this way? Loretta fretted. They should have taken Dogwood to Elm.
Im sure the ambulance can find its way to the hospital just fine, I soothed, deciding it was more appealing to deal with her hysterics than the ravings of Susan.
She patted my hand gratefully. Of course youre right, dear.
Susan couldnt help but butt in with, Just like Im right about Archie.
Will you please just shut up? I requested in a roaring whisper.
Margaret! You werent raised to be so disrespectful.
I said please, I reminded her.
Girls—” Loretta dabbed ineffectually at fresh tears.
Susan and I rounded on each other and said in unison, Now look what youve done.
We stared at each other accusingly; each convinced we were in the right. Who knows how long our duel would have lasted if the sound of laughter hadnt drifted to us from the front seat.
Incredulously, I turned to discover the source. Detective Bashfuls shoulders were shaking uncontrollably as he leaned over the steering wheel.
Young man, Susan warned indignantly.
Imagining how it all must have looked and sounded from his perspective, I found myself chuckling to.
Dont you encourage—” Susan huffed.

Unable to hold back any longer, the shy detective guffawed. She said please.


B.E. Sanderson said...

:smirk: Good snippet, JB. I can't wait for the rest. =o)

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

I am SO excited :) I love it!
"She said 'please'..."

Robyn Gleason said...

LOVE it! Can NOT wait! :)

jblynn said...

"Please" is very important ;-)

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