Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - From the WIP

I don't know how much I can share of my current Work In Progress (WIP) without spoiling things for the previous two books in the series, but here's a short snippet to tease the heck out of you.  (Just so you know, this is totally first-drafty, so be warned.  I write a dirty first draft.)  The tentative title for this sucker is Up Wish Creek...

It is as I feared,” the Russian said when Tryg finished.  “You cannot offer yourself up to these beings, whoever they are.”
“Then tell me what your plan is to find the others and get them out of whatever hell Amun’s associates have created for me.”  I sounded petulant, and I knew it, but didn’t I have the right to be?  All I was trying to do was free a few genies from those nasty little wishes, and I had to put up with this shit?  For good measure I stamped my foot.
“Are you finished?” Gabra asked.  “Because this is the life you chose to lead and if you can’t handle the shit it throws at you, then maybe you need to find a new life.”
Oh no, she did not just tell me to get a life…
A long time ago, I’d had a similar argument with one Ezekiel ben Aron when I still believed he loved me.  Except then he’d been predicting that there would come a day when I’d get sick of the shit and walk away.  He told me then not to bother starting this enterprise because I’d end up worn down and then feel like shit for turning my back on it.  Was that what I was doing?  The last words he’d thrown at me about the subject had been that the only reason I was actually seeing it through was to piss him off.  That may have been part of the reason why I was so dogged about it back then, but it sure as hell wasn’t the reason I kept doing it after so many decades.
Sure, it had been hard, but compared to what I’d faced recently, it was a cakewalk.  And now that the going got tough?  Put up or shut up, Babydoll.   His words in my head were like a flash of cold water down my spine.  Whether his voice was my imagination or that bastard was doing his telepathic trick, I didn’t know.  Either way he pissed me off.  But Zeke always was good at that.  Just like he was good at the sex afterwards…
But I didn’t need my thoughts going there.  Not now. Not ever again.


Janet said...

Well, you already know how excited I am about Djinn 3 (Up Wish Creek - love that title, BTW), so you know I am thrilled with this little snippet. Not enough, but I am patient! Great job, B.E. - now, write, woman, write!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, Janet! I'm writing as fast as I can. ;o)

Tea norman said...

I lost my thought. There were so many "shits" I started keeping count.(:

jblynn said...

Love the title! Want to read more!

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, like I said, Tea, this is a first draft. I checked, though. There are four. Considering the bad week Jo's had, that's not bad for her. ;o)

Thanks, JB! You're on the list for more when this is ready. =o)

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