Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I'll be releasing THE MUTT AND THE MATCHMAKER soon, so I thought I'd share this snippet with you.

“Bly. Jane Bly.”

“Is that like Bond. James Bond?” The woman on the other end of the phone call chuckled at her own joke.

Jane grinned. “We’re cousins.”

Calling her insurance company to report them someone had sideswiped her car in the middle of night, leaving the driver’s door inoperable, was not her idea of a fun time, but she’d lucked out with the cheery woman who’d answered her call.

Attitude is everything,” her grandmother used to say. 

The insurance company representative certainly had it in spades. Still, she managed to make a task Jane had dreaded an adventure. Especially toward the end of the call when the woman had asked oh-so-casually, “How do you feel about matchmakers?”

“Matchmakers?” Jane asked trying to figure out what that had to do with her car.

“Because I am one,” the woman told her. “And I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to match you up.”

Tom Hanlon’s life was going to the dogs.
Or at least one dog in particular.
There was only one woman in the world who could get him to do something that would make him look like a fool. With her twinkling eyes and tinkling laughter, she had him wrapped around her little finger and she knew it.  He’d do just about anything for Aunt Ruby.

Which was how he found himself striding down the street, trying to ignore the stares and twitters of everyone he encountered. He held his head high, his chest out. He had nothing to be ashamed of.

There was nothing wrong with helping out an old lady who’d fallen on hard times. He’d agreed to Ruby’s request immediately, when she’d told him about Mrs. Ciaffone’s dilemma. He was that kind of guy. The kind who helped out damsels in distress, no matter how old they happened to be.

But he wasn’t the kind of guy who could carry around a little white Maltese named Marshmallow, complete with hot pink bows and a blinged out rhinestone collar and leash, without attracting attention. At least they couldn’t tell that she smelled like honeysuckle.


Janet said...

Ooh, nice tease. And I love the cover - best of luck with your new 'baby', JB!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Awesome! Loved the snippet and the premise. I can't wait to read a copy. =o)

Lavendersky said...

Love it, can't wait!

Kelly Hobbs said...

I love your writing, looking forward to the release.

Jessica Nichols said...

Nice! Love you books! I can't wait for the next hitwoman and I will be buying this one too. :)

jblynn said...

Janet -- Thank you! (I love the cover too.)

B.E. -- Soon!

Lavendersky -- Me neither! ;-)

Kelly -- Thanks!

Jessica -- Thanks so much!

Silver James said...

*fist pumps* Yes! Can't wait to read this one. :)

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