Monday, June 2, 2014

Deflated But Moving Foward

Saturday marked the end of a promise I made to myself back on 4/30.  I called it 44K in the month of May.  One thousand words for every year I've been alive.  And I completed my goal on the night of the 31st - overran it by 457 words as a matter of fact. 

I don't know if you've ever done anything like this, but it's like combining a marathon with sprinting.  You can run a marathon all at once, or you can try running that marathon a little bit every day until you reach the finish line.  I did the latter.  (Cuz, frankly, writing 44K words straight through would probably kill anybody. Or at least leave them with bloody stumps where their hands should be.)

Here's the deal, though.  Writing 44K now (or 50K in November for National Novel Writing Month) doesn't mean the book is finished.  In fact, I was already over 8K into it when May started and I probably have 10-15K left to go.  Which means that even though I crossed that particular finish line, I still have to run. 

And right now, I'm like a spent balloon.  I feel deflated.  Like the words are all used up.  I mean, I know where I have to go from here, but putting words to those scenes in my head?  Pbbllpptt. 

But I can't stop now.  Stopping after a race like that is exactly why there are thousands of writers with unfinished books littering their harddrives.  Because it's a bear to try and start running again once you've collapsed. 

So, despite my deflation, I will drag my sorry ass back up again.  I will take those sorry words and make them into the scenes I need to finish this book.  Oh, I'm pretty sure they'll be the worst fifteen thousand I've ever written, but they will be on the pages.  And it's like I am fond of saying, you can't fix what ain't written.  They'll be crap and I will fix them.  Probably sometime in August - after I sit down and actually edit Djinn2.  We'll see how all that goes. 

The point is, it's done.  And like it or not, I still have miles to go before I can pass out.

Your turn.  Chime in about something you had to pick yourself up to do even though you were dogtired and uninspired.  I know my runner friends can come up with some stories - what about the rest of you?

Oh, and as I was scheduling this post, I noticed the date.  My dad would've been 78 today.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  Hope you're up there somewhere catching some whopper bass.


jblynn said...

Good for you! Congrats!

In running terms you're "hitting the wall"…the solution for runners is to eat some carbs because basically your bran has been depleted of glycogen. (I personally think that's the solution for most problems in life!)

Keep pushing!!
Keep going!!!!

Cross that @#$%ing finish line!

B.E. Sanderson said...

You know, when I wrote this yesterday morning, I really did feel deflated, but last night I sat down and popped 2K out onto the pages. This book will not be denied. LOL

Silver James said...

WTG, B.E.! I knew you'd do it because you get competitive when you challenge yourself. I always feel let down when I finish a project and send it off to either editor or CP. Or when Iffy throws too much my way. My singular brain can't process all the ideas so they dry up. And then I just want to crawl into bed with the covers over my head and read someone else's words by flashlight (or my Kindle Fire.) If you look at my GR challenge, you'll notice I've been doing a lot of that. Definitely need to find my second wind!

Karyn Good said...

Congratulations and woohoo! Know I'm cheering you on to finish line. I'm avoiding revising the final scenes of my wip. Not sure why. Just feeling unmotivated. Again not sure why. Really, REALLY want to get this sucker done and submitted.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, Silver! I totally hear you on the crawling into bed and reading someone else's words. Do that. Then go write. :whipcrack:

Thanks, Karyn! I hope your motivation returns soon. I'd like to read another one of your books. =o)

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