Monday, June 23, 2014

Wait! That's not Mine.

So a while back I wandered out to the mailbox and found it fuller than it needed to be.  As I walked back, I sorted through it to see what was important, what was fun, and what was junk.  And none of it even belonged to this address. 

Turns out we had a substitute mail person, and she must have been flummoxed by the numbers on the boxes or something out here in BFE.  All of the mail in our box belonged to the guy one driveway south of us.  (And no, our mailbox wasn't in the mailbox to the north.) 

So, Hubs took the packet of mail and trudged next door (not a short walk, btw) and left their mail where it actually belonged - in that guy's mailbox.  Did the same thing last year when we got the other neighbor's mail shuffled in with ours. 

Back when we were in Colorado, we would often get other people's mail.  Sometimes it was the previous renter's.  Sometimes it belonged to the people across the street.  On occasion it would be mail for an address somewhere else in town.  In those cases, if I knew the person, I would take them their mail.  If I didn't, I would drop it in the big blue postal box so it could be delivered properly.  And if the mail was actually for our address but not for us, I would cross the address off, write 'return to sender, no such person' on it, and give it back to the USPS. 

Years ago, after we'd moved, my mother wrote our new address wrong.  We were at 619, and she wrote 519 on our Christmas cards.  You know the Christmas cards that your mom sends with checks inside??  Yeah, those ones.  They were never heard from again.  We never got them.  She never got them back.  And luckily, the checks were never cashed.  I guess the people who lived a block down from us threw them out. 

Kinda rude, if you ask me.  Especially since we were the only Sandersons in town and my husband was a public figure.  It wouldn't have been THAT much trouble to find us and give us the cards.  :shrug: 

So, now I ask you, Killer Chicks, what do you do if you have mail in your box that isn't addressed to you?  Do you go through the trouble of finding the rightful owner, or try to at least get it back to the sender, or would you throw it away?


jblynn said...

Years ago I lived on a street, we'll call Smith Drive. Unfortunately there was a Smith Road in town too.

While it was never a problem to return the mail by writing a note to the delivery person, I came to HATE Christmas Eve.

That's when multiple packages would come from FedEx and UPS for the wrong address. I felt badly since I knew they were Xmas gifts so I'd drive them over to the other house…some years it was multiple trips in one day.

I'm not nearly as Grinch-y as people say. ;-)

Silver James said...

That happens to us when we get a substitute. The people with our address on the next two streets just drop it by the house and vice versa.

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