Monday, July 7, 2014

B.E.'s Guide to Internet Speak

Hey all!  I'm sure you've seen something like this at some during your internet travels, but I'd like to share what I mean when I use emoticons and acronyms...

=o) - I like that.
=oD - I like that a lot.
;o) - I got your meaning and I liked it.  OR I'm being sarcastic, joking around, or trying to be funny.

OMG - when I type this I am in fact thinking 'Oh my god'.  I am never thinking oh em gee.  In fact, people who say 'oh em gee' out loud are kind of a pet peeve of mine.

lol - you're a little funny
LOL - you're funny
ROFL - you're a lot funny
LMAO - I rarely use this because my butt is not any smaller.
ROFLMAO - You're killing me.

BTW - I forgot to tell you something or you should already know something (i.e. btw, your butt is on fire.)
FYI - hey, I thought you should take note of this
YMMV - I experienced this, but you may not have the same experience I did.
FWIW - I'm expressing an opinion you might not agree with or advice you might not take

brb - I need a cigarette or I have to feed the cat
bbl - I have to walk the cat or I have to cook dinner or something that make take more than a few minutes
brb ggp - I'll return shortly because I have to use the facilities

TTYL - talk to you later (probably in the same day)
TTYS - talk to you later but not sure exactly when (probably not the same day)
TTYT - not today, probably tomorrow

IMO - I'm voicing an opinion.  Please note some people put IMHO... I don't.  My opinions generally aren't humble.  This entire post is totally IMO, BTW.

What are some internet speak terms you use and what do they mean to you?


Silver James said...

There's BFD and NBFD (Big 'effing' Deal or No BFD).
WTF (What the 'effing').
OMGWTFBBQ! (My mind has officially been blown)
LISA (airhead, dumb, Lost In Space Again)

That's all off the top of my head. :)

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, love those, Silver! And I can't believe I forgot WTF. It's one of my favorites.

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