Thursday, July 17, 2014

How do you take your dog?

Fittingly, July is National Hot Dog month.

We're wondering how you like yours:

B.E.: My ultimate hot dog is a Koegel Vienna.  Ah, the snapper (cuz they snap when you bite into them).  Unfortunately, you can pretty much only get them in Michigan or via mail order - which is totally too expensive.  As for toppings, my husband and I have been having this debate since we met.  He thinks hotdogs should never EVER have ketchup.  Mustard only with maybe relish, but never ketchup.  Says it's un-American.  But I like ketchup on my dogs.  And mustard.  And relish.  Sometimes cheese.  And every rare once in a while, Miracle Whip.  (But never on a Koegels.  That's sacrilege.)

JB: I'm pretty close to being a purist. Grilled hot dog in a bun with spicy brown mustard. (NOT yellow mustard. No sauerkraut. No relish. No catsup. No chili.)  Now I'm craving a hot dog (not a frankfurter, corn dog or soy dog)

So, Killer Friends, how do you take your dog?


Janet said...

Not at all what I was thinking when I read the subject of the blog this morning ;)

Mmmm, dogs over an open fire :) Toasted buns, ketchup, mustard (yes, yellow), a tomato/onion relish that I make and LOVE - done. FYI - the only way I'll eat a hot dog is over an open fire or BBQ'd - no boiled dogs for me!!

Silver James said...

Not a big fan of hot dogs. Bratwurst? I'm all over that with mustard and sauerkraut! But when it's only dogs, I'm a chili-cheese-onion-mustard girl all the way. Preferably a foot-long. From Sonic. Because I don't have to cook. :D

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, me neither, Janet. Ooo, flame cooked hotdogs. Yum.

S'okay, Silver. Brats are awesome, too. Never had a Sonic hotdog, but then again, I don't think I've ever eaten at a Sonic.

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