Monday, July 14, 2014

I Admit It. I'm Boring.

I don't go clubbing.  I don't skydive.  I don't solve mysteries in my spare time in a small New England village.  I don't fight fires or tame tigers or find ancient artifacts while being chased by the Nazis. 

I read.  I work around the house.  I go for walks.  I birdwatch and spend time on the internet identifying bugs or trees or plants.

I've never searched for the cure for anything.  I've never studied meteorology or vulcanism or astronomy.  I have no background in engineering or physics or forensic science or... well, any of the hard sciences.

Yep.  Pretty boring gal here.

Know what that means, though?  It means my brain takes that boredom and occupies itself creating un-boring things. 

Because I don't do much of anything, I have the time to write those creations down.  I have the time to research the things I don't actually do so I can offer the world stories as believable as possible.

And of course, the things others find boring, I find pretty exciting.  Cuz that's how I roll.  ;o)

Are you boring?  What kinds of boring things do you do?  Where do you find your excitement?


jblynn said...

I think boring is in the eye of the beholder. For example, I think non-readers are boring, no matter what they do. It's a terrible personal bias on my part.

Also, I spend a lot of time watching skydivers…does that count? ;-)

Karyn Good said...

I wouldn't say boring...exactly. I'm learning to play golf. Which isn't up there with skydiving but at least I'm confident I won't fall to my death.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Eh, we all have our little biases, JB. I don't know any non-readers, but I expect we wouldn't much to talk about. Personally, I find drunks boring. "Oh, you're wasted again? How nice for you." ;o)

I wouldn't call golf boring, Karyn. It's hard work. And yes, there is little chance you'll fall to your death out there on the links. LOL

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