Monday, July 21, 2014

I Killed a Man Last Night

Okay, so we actually took the weekend off from working on the house

I mean, it wasn't like I spent the weekend laying around eating bonbons.  I didn't take the weekend off writing, just manual labor.  To that end, I killed a man last night.  Sure, I'd killed him before.  Heck, I've probably killed him at least three times by now.  He wasn't a good man, but he wasn't evil.  He was just stuck in bad situation of his own making and I guess karma caught up with him.  I feel sorry for his family, but since they never make an appearance in the book, I guess they really don't matter.  They only exist to make him somewhat sympathetic anyway.  Making him an old bachelor wouldn't have had the same impact.  Ya know?

Sometimes I kill a character off and it's somewhat cathartic for me.  Sort of a 'take THAT, stress and daily woes!' thing.  Last night's murder wasn't like that.  I guess I only really get that when I kill off bad guys.  Not that this dude didn't deserve what he got.  He was a dirty cop.  He was on the lam, living under an assumed identity after killing a man in suburban Detroit twenty-some years ago.  But he was trying to live a good life now.  (Hence, the wife and kids.)  And he did feel bad for what he'd done in the previous scenes.

Too bad for him, the people he did it for didn't appreciate his work.  So I had them kill him.  They had to.  They're bad dudes.  I'm still not quite sure who they work for, but trust me, they're bad.

So, tell me, Killer Friends, what makes you care whether a character gets murdered?  What makes you hate the ones who did it?


jblynn said...

I care if I'm invested in a character. Very often there are characters whose sole purpose is just to get killed so unless the death is particularly awful, I don't care much.

Killing someone who doesn't deserve it or doing it in a particularly heinous way makes me hate the killer.

Janet said...

Nothing like a good day's work, eh? I believe your subject line might get a few hits (hopefully, just those curious to type into Google: I killed a man last night ;)

Like JB, if I'm invested in a character, it pisses me off if they're 'killed off' - but if they deserve it, bring it on!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ack, JB. Now I'm wondering if this dude served any meaningful purpose. I mean, he does a certain thing that I thought was necessary to drive the plot forward, but now I'm wondering if I accomplished that or if I just did it for effect. Crap crap crap. :wanders back to the cave to ponder:

LOL, I don't know if it got us hits yesterday, Janet, but the subject amused me. I definitely try to only kill off characters that deserve it or at least have their death have some purpose. I hate meaningless deaths in books.

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