Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I've found love!!!

and her name is Smudge.

I hope to get some better pics of her once she's feeling a bit better. I adopted her from the local SPCA and, like so many shelter dogs has kennel cough and worms, but she's on meds and on the mend.

She's approximately 1.5 years old. We think she's a mini-schnauzer mix. Really, she's a purely lovable mutt.

Between being on deadline for the second in the Matchmaker Mystery series and taking care of the new family member, I'm a bit fried, so that's all I've got for the week.

Tell me Killer Friends: Who have YOU adopted?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Awww. She's so awesome. I hope she's back to 100% soon. :hugs:

Looking back, I'd have to say I've adopted them all. Well, except my dad's hunting dog, but I was like 5. We got the family dog from an accidental litter out of two purebred (from different breeds) parents. My first 'only mine' pet was a cat I rescued from the dog pound where I worked. And it's been rescues and adoptions ever since.

Donna H said...

Adorable! Mine are all adopted. Or I should probably say they all adopted me.

Silver James said...

Awwwwww. Smudge! Love her name and her! I've had three papered dogs. My two Newfs came from reputable breeders. My Siberian came from a pet store and we considered him a rescue! My purebred Rottie came from death row at the pound. My Great Pyrenees from shutting down a puppy mill. All the rest have been mixed-breed rescues. Except the cats. They just showed up on the doorstep and stayed.

Kerry H said...

She is beautiful! Adoption is the way to go! Congrats on your new furbaby.

jblynn said...

B.E. -- She's definitely improving.

Donna -- LOL, yes they adopt you for sure. :-)

Silver -- Thanks, I gave her the name.

Kerry -- Thank you!

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