Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mutt's Day

Today is Mutt's Day, so we're celebrating the mutts we know and love.  Come on, tell us a story of your favorite mutt.

JB: How can I pick just one?? I've loved a lot of mutts in my time.  I'll just talk about the ones I currently share my life with.

There's Teddy:

He's a Bichon Frise mix who was adopted directly from my former vet when he was five….that was nine years ago!

and then there's Smudge:

A new addition, she's a Terrier/Schnauzer mix.

B.E.:  I don't think I've ever owned a pure breed anything.  My favorite mutt was the dog we had when I was growing up.  The story goes that one parent was a purebred German Shepherd and the other was a purebred Golden Retriever.  The male jumped the fence to visit the female and Voila! a litter of puppies was born.  He was the best dog ever.


Silver James said...

Most of mine have been mutts and rescues. Except for my 2 Newfs and my Siberian. Well...there was also the Standard Poodle (that used to chase me to the top of the refrigerator when I was little. That dog hated me!), the Dachshund my mother insisted on, the Old English sheepdog who'd been retired from the show ring and we adopted, the Great Pyrenees, the Rottweiler (though Baby was a rescue--from death row and we turned her into a SAR dog. Dang but she was smart!) I've been owned by a lot of dogs in my life and each one was unique and special. I can't imagine life without a couple underfoot. :)

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