Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Nutty Question

The 31st is National Trail Mix Day.

Yea or Nay to trail mix?  Any ingredients you must (or must not) have in yours?

B.E.: Hubs is more the trail mix person than I am.  I buy this stuff called 'Mountain Trail Mix' for him - two bags worth at a time, because he goes through it so fast. Also, he adds yogurt covered raisins, peanut M&Ms to the mix. Personally, I'd be happy just eating the M&Ms and raisins. ;o)

JB: I like trail mix as long as I've got something to wash it down with. I don't like chocolate in mine and despise carob. (I despise carob in everything.)


Silver James said...

Nuts (ALL varieties). Chocolate or carob. Raisins. Sunflower seeds. Other dried fruits except bananas. Haven't had any in a very long time, but yeah, Mountain Mix pushes my buttons. :D

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