Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another quick look at the second Matchmaker Mystery

His cellphone buzzed, startling him.  The number was unfamiliar. “Hello?”
“Found your purple people eater?” a woman’s voice trilled.
“The one and only. You called?”
He’d try reaching her on the ride over to Mildred’s place, but had been forced to leave a voice mail message asking her to call him back.
“It’s after midnight.”
“I knew you were up.”
“I know these things,” she assured him with a sexy chuckle. “So tell me why you called.
“You don’t know?” he mocked.
“Spill, pretty-pink-drink man.”
“I have a business associate interested in retaining your services.” It was the truth. It wasn’t the primary reason he’d called her, but it was one of the reasons.
“Are you kidding me?”
“He wants his daughter set up.”
“I’m not a freaking butcher counter where you take a number and I hand over your order of fresh meat.” 
He imagined the eyes of the dark-haired beauty on the other line flashing with indignation.
“So you won’t help him.”
He watched as the waitress who’d delivered his purple people eater hurried out of the restaurant, rushing toward a car parked at the back of the lot. Like the other night, her breasts practically bounced out of her shirt with every step she took.
“But I may help her,” Armani said in his ear.
“The waitress?”
“What waitress? Does your business associate own an eatery? I love to eat,” Armani purred enthusiastically.
Flustered, Brady babbled, “Not the waitress. I think his daughter works for her father’s company.”
“Which is not a food services organization?” Armani asked.
“Too bad. Anyway, I’ll meet with her. If we click, if my gift does its thing, I’ll help her,” Armani declared. “But not just because Daddy wants her married off with children before his heart gives out.”
Brady blinked as she paraphrased what Keith Hartburgh had said. It was hard not to believe in Armani’s ‘gifts’ when she seemed right about so much.

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B.E. Sanderson said...

OMG, I can NOT wait until this is released! Awesome teaser today, JB. You rock.