Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Name Game

The other day, while standing on line, I told a man he had a nice name. It was strong, clear, and I could spell both his first and last names without trouble. He proceeded to tell me that he was named after Gregory Peck because his mother had had a crush on him.

Another day, I was in a waiting room and was amused when the nurse called out, "Frank?" and looked around expectantly.  There was only one man in the room, who else would it have been?

Later the nurse called out, "Tiffany?"No one responded. I looked around the room, spotted the only person who was the right age to be named Tiffany and pointed her out to the nurse…who walked closer and got the young woman to respond the second time she called the name.

Another woman sitting beside me laughed and remarked, "Of course, she's a Tiffany." Then since she was pregnant we got into a discussion of what she was going to name her baby.


"Oh cool," I said immediately. "A palindrome."

She looked at me a little strangely. I'm guessing she hadn't yet gotten the "palindromes make names cool" response before.

Thankfully I didn't tell her that in one of my works-in-progress a little girl who's been kidnapped is named Hannah and one of her kidnappers tells her that her name is palindrome. I'm thinking the mother-to-be wouldn't have found that "cool" at all.

Tell me Killer Friends: Do you pay attention to names? Are there any you particularly like? Any you despise?

Personally I'm not overly fond of Jennifer….  ;-)  


B.E. Sanderson said...

Hannah must be a popular name right now. Like Jennifer was back in the day. :shrug: It goes in cycles. At least the most popular names are still pretty traditional and not totally weird or misspelled. I hate misspelled names. I'm always like 'what were their parents thinking?'

Of course, I jumped on that odd name bandwagon when I had my daughter - or I thought I did. When she arrived at kindergarten, there were two other girls with the same name in her class. But I gave my daughter the alternate spelling. And thus doomed her to never buying personalized stuff off the rack.

Looking at my characters in all my books, I seem to be fond of giving the heroines male names - Alex, Myke, Jordan, Jo, Randi... I didn't do it on purpose, but there it is.

Silver James said...

I have a kick-@$$ heroine in my Wolf books named Hannah. I like it. I also like names that no one else has but aren't so weird that people go, "Huh?" We named our daughter "Clary" because it was easy to spell, could only be shortened to "Clare" and she wouldn't meet herself coming and going.

One of the hardest things I do as a writer is name a character. The name has to fit the personality, the heritage, and be something memorable. Even with a lot of thought, I've had characters fight me over their names until I make changes.

B.E., I'm with you on that whole "what were they thinkin'?" bandwagon!

jblynn said...

B.E. -- I'm fond of male names for female characters too.

Silver -- Clary is beautiful. (Note to self: steal Clary)

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