Thursday, August 14, 2014

National Thriftshop Day is Sunday

Okay, we're jumping the gun just a little, but Sunday is National Thriftshop Day, so we figured we'd post about it now and then you can go celebrate on Sunday by snagging some really great goodies.

Do you do thriftshops?  What's your best find? 

B.E.:  I love thiftshops, thrift stores, junk shops, flea markets...  I don't know if my best find is my 1940s typewriter, or my funky bread cabinet, or the furniture pieces I've gotten for this house, or all the art.  I just know I love hunting through stuff and picking just the right thing to go in just the right place.  And I'd celebrate on Sunday, but my favorite thrift store is closed Sundays.  =o(

JB: I love going to thrift shops to recharge my creative juices. Walking around I can spin stories about the previous owners of items. It's a lot of fun.  (Thanks to B.E. who set up this question, I've got Mackelemores's THRIFTSHOP stuck in my head now.)