Thursday, August 21, 2014

What makes you happy?

It's ADMIT YOU'RE HAPPY month.  So we were wondering, what makes YOU happy?

B.E.: I like walking out to the road front with my Hubs and looking at our house.  We've worked so hard to make this what we want it to be, and it looks so nice, I can't help but be happy when I see it. 

Little birds make me happy.  Today we saw a particularly brilliant yellow bird that I have no clue what species it is - and for some reason, that makes me happy, too, because it's like a puzzle I have to figure out.

Reading a good book makes me happy.  =o)

JB: It's been a pretty rough month or two (or twelve) for me, but here are three things I'm happy about:

1) I have the most amazing, wonderful, supportive friends in the universe. Old friends, new friends, real life friends and virtual friends all give me a reason to be happy.

2) Rainbows.  I'm pretty sure I've seen more rainbows since I've been in Florida than I had in my entire life. And they make me happy. Every. Single. Time.

3) My newly-discovered green thumb. Kind of amazed and definitely delighted by everything I'm growing.

Tell us Killer Friends:  Are you ready to admit you're happy?


Silver James said...

Okay, new grandmother here. Sprout's laugh and smile make me happy. My kids making their own life and doing it right makes me happy. And finally, getting the words right make me happy when I'm struggling with a WIP.

And sunsets. Watching the squirrels. Petting the cat. Sloppy kisses from the dogs. And coffee. Coffee ALWAYS makes me happy!

Wait! Good books and friends. Those rank right up there with coffee. ;)

jblynn said...

Great lists B.E. and Silver.

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