Monday, September 15, 2014

Bad Ads

I like to read the local papers.  Not that they really have anything crucial in them - we live in the back of beyond after all - but sometimes they do have an interesting bit of news here or there.  Nothing ground breaking.  No one's winning a Pulitzer out here.  Especially not the people who write the ad copy.

Now, a lot of bad ads can be found in the wanted section.  After all, those are just regular people trying to sell something or find something.  I cut them a lot of slack - they aren't professional writers.  Still, it pays to check your ad before you pay to have it printed.  For instance, recently I saw an ad for a used generator, and I was all like 'hey, we've been talking about a  generator'.  Unfortunately, the ad had no price.  A lot of people don't put prices in their ads, so I figured I'd just call and... no phone number in the ad either.  That ad didn't 'generate' any cash for them, I guess.  ;o)

Yesterday, I picked up a free paper from the town south of us - because all I wanted was to pay for my coffee but the gal in front of me at the store wanted to cash in her stack of lottery tickets.  So, I snagged a paper to amuse myself.  Reading it this afternoon, I saw a lovely ad for cleaning services.  Sounded like the gal really knew what she was doing.  Except the only contact info in the ad was the area code.  I can dial those three numbers all day long, but all I'll hear is "You have not completed your call in the allotted time. Please hang up and dial again." Good thing I clean my own house.

Last week's paper had an ad for a local dentist office.  Their catch phrase was: "Chances are we take your insurance."  I'm so on that because that's the only thing I look for in a person who'll have their hands in my mouth. 

What are some fun local ads you've seen? 


Silver James said...

Okay. I shouldn't laugh. But I splorted coffee. I don't read the paper any more. We stopped our subscription when things were tight and never started up again. I get news on-line or the boob-tube. And I have to admit, reading time is so precious I normally save it for books I want to read. That said, I might just have to start glancing at the shopper that comes with the bundle of printed adds in the mail on Wednesdays.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Our two local papers are free and just show up in the mailbox Wednesday and Thursday. We read them while we're out back smoking - otherwise they'd just get thrown out. Definitely read the free thing, Silver. You never know when you might see something funny or get a story idea. ;o)

jblynn said...

Groaning over the "generating cash" line.

When I need a dose of inspiration, I get a kick out of reading Craigslist ads.

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, that was a groaner, wasn't it, JB?

Ah, Craigslist. I've never gone there because they're never in my area, but they would be good for inspiration. Thanks!

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