Monday, September 29, 2014

Dispatching the Dust Bunnies

I don't know about the rest of you, but I totally suck at keeping a clean house.  Oh, I keep things tidy, so I'm not worrying about an episode of Hoarders, but I don't often clean.  Heck, I've had both vacuum and dust on my to-do list for a couple weeks.  The dust bunnies* were growing to mammoth proportions around here. 

Every once in a while, though, the mess gets to me and I have to clean like a mad woman.  Which is what happened last week. 

So the floors are done - including under the bed where Kira likes to shed... I mean sleep.  (Ugh, she had a whole area devoted to her collection of unattached fur.)  And the dusting is done.  I even stuck my hand down the garbage disposal and wiped the gunk out of there. 

And every time I go through this mad dash to clean, I tell myself that if I did it regularly, it wouldn't be such a marathon when I get around to it.  Makes total sense, but I still don't keep up with the cleaning. 

I wish I could say it's because I'm too busy writing.  But that's just an excuse, because when I really am busy with writing, I use cleaning as a way to step away from the work - so my house is probably cleaner then. 

Lucky for me, Hubs isn't a neat freak - although if I do leave the dishes for too long, he does them.  So I try not to forget to do those.  ;o)

What about you?  Are you a tidy person or a hoarder or somewhere in between?  What's the one chore you tend to put off until it drives you mad?

*technically they're dust kitties - since they're most comprised of cat hair.


Silver James said...

For some weird reason, it's putting up laundry. I sort, wash, dry, and fold into a basket or hang on hangers. The hangup clothes get moved to the closet when I go to get the next load. But the stuff in the basket? It sits there in the garage laundry area until I realize there's either a T-shirt I need or LG is out of underwear. Since I bought him almost a month's worth when I sold my first book, the clothes can sit out there awhile. LOL Oh. And bathrooms. Specifically the shower. I need to clean that today. Or tomorrow. Soon. I'll do it soon......

B.E. Sanderson said...

Which I think is why the Hubs started doing our laundry, Silver. And why the top of my dresser is covered with my clean clothes I haven't put away yet. ;o)

Ugh, I need to clean the showers, too. I suggest Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs foaming bathroom cleaner. His scrubbing bubbles actually do scrub. (Unlike the other brand that stopped scrubbing years ago.)

jblynn said...

I'm in between…but I know I'll be doing a cleaning marathon Wednesday since my deadline is tomorrow and I've let things slide. It'll work out well though…I'll just alternate btwn editing (which I hate and am not good at) and cleaning (which I also hate and am not good at).

B.E. Sanderson said...

Good luck with your deadline and your Wednesday cleaning. :hugs:

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