Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ghosts of Manuscripts Past

Maybe they know October is almost upon us,, or that the witching hour is near, or maybe it's because I've been laying down massive word counts lately so my internal censors are snoozing, but lately a bunch of my unfinished manuscripts have been haunting me.

They pop up  in the weirdest places, like the shower, my car, my walks around the lake, or, worst of all, when I'm trying to fall asleep. They taunt me with their unfinishedness. (that totally should be a word)

I can't escape the characters. They're with me always.

I know writers who only work on one book or idea at a time. I'm jealous of their focus. I WISH I had just one idea instead of the jumble that rattle around in my brain making it a challenge to concentrate. No matter what idea I'm working on, a newer, or even just different, one is "shiny" and vies for my attention like a pit bull with a t-bone.

So what's a writer to do?

Next month I'm hoping to work on the edits for both the second Matchmaker Mystery (with my editor now) and the 8th Hitwoman book (should be with my editor next week).  Instead of starting another book, I'm going to finish one (maybe two!) even though they don't fit in with my current brand.

I'll give them to my agent and hope she can work her magic. If not, I'll self-publish them since enough people seem to enjoy The First Victim that there seems to be a market for my darker stuff too.

In the meantime I'm finishing up Hitwoman 8, trying to come up with a decent title for Matchmaker Mystery 2, jotting down notes for three half-finished manuscripts, and ruminating about how to launch a new series I want to write.

My brain is a busy, loud, disorganized place.  :-(

Tell me Killer Friends: Are you the "one at a time" kind? Or a blabbering mess?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Go you! I can't wait to see everything you're doing. You rock.

I'm trying to teach myself to juggle manuscripts. I did it before in a kind of 'write one while editing another' circus. Not sure why I stopped doing that. Now I'm out of practice. So, the last couple months, I did a rewrite one/tweak another. Now that those are done, I'm on proofread one/edit another. I hope to add 'submit one' to next month's task list.

Karyn Good said...

That's awesome! As well as inspirational!

Wish I was a better juggler. I tend to focus on one project at a time. But I have a new series I would love to start. I feel like I'm working on it subconsciously. Ideas are piling up. An outline is slowly coming together. However, I have three other books to write first to finish up two other series.

jblynn said...

I'm not sure juggling is the way to go, B.E. I'd rather be able to maintain singular focus, but I'm not wired that way.

jblynn said...


That's terrific that you've got so much going on. You can do it!

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