Monday, September 8, 2014

Homicide Hunter

Ever since we moved here and got satellite television, I've been hooked on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel. And even more specifically, the show Homicide Hunter.

If you're not familiar with the show, it details the case files of one Lt. Joe Kenda with the Colorado Springs, CO police department.  Parts of it are recreations and parts of it are interviews with the officers involved, but my favorite part are the asides with Kenda himself.  He totally rocks. His no-nonsense attitude and witty comments make him well worth watching. 

Plus, he catches the bad guys.  And he doesn't apologize for it. 

And those steely-blue eyes. The guy who plays him in the recreations is pretty good looking, but it's those eyes.  You can't recreate that look Kenda gives.  I'd confess to anything if he stared me down with those eyes.  

Anyway, I drop whatever I'm doing when it comes on - Tuesdays at 9pm here in MO.  Writing?  I better have it done before then, or it ain't getting done.  Dishes?  They can wait if I haven't done them already.  Bed?  It's worth staying up late to watch Joe.

As an aside, when I lived in CO, I didn't get this show, and I always wondered why my mother would complain that I needed to get out of Colorado because she was always watching shows with murders in the state.  Turns out she was watching Lt. Joe, and all of his episodes feature murders in CO because that's where he worked.  ;o)

Lastly, I've developed the habit of watching and eating ice cream.  Because... "Oh, Lt. Joe... I got ice cream!" (Yes, I know, it's Lt. Dan, but I'm silly that way anyway.)

Ever seen Homicide Hunter?  What show do you drop everything for?


Silver James said...

You know, I wonder if I crossed paths with Kenda when I was around CSPD back in the late 70s. The name doesn't ring a bell but I've always been a putz when it comes to remembering names. I seen the show a few times, usually on the overnight reruns when I can't sleep.

You know, I'm not sure there's a show I drop everything for. I have DVR capabilities with our cable provider. I can catch them anytime. If I didn't, I'd probably get nothing done. LOLOL

jblynn said...

I don't have any "must see" shows at the moment. But when LIFE was on years ago, I never missed an episode.

B.E. Sanderson said...

That would be cool if you did, Silver. I'm not that good at names either.

See, now, I don't have a DVR, so if I want to catch something I have to watch it when it's on - or try to find it in reruns. Lucky for me, I don't have that many shows I need to plan around.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I think right now, I'm down to just Lt. Joe, JB. My other must-see shows are off-season.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Definitely Hannibal...though I cannot eat during it. :/
Edge of Your Seat Stories

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ugh, I hear that Raquel. Thrilling stuff, but definitely not for during dinner.

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