Monday, September 22, 2014


For the most part in my life, I've had a love/hate relationship with spiders.  I love to watch them.  I hate to have them on me.

Of course, I grew up in Michigan where the worst you could expect from a spider was a little bite that rarely was worse than a mosquito bite.  No biggie.

Here in Missouri?  We have brown recluses.  We have black widows.  (Don't click the links if you don't want to see the pictures.)

Oddly enough, the black widows are less of a concern for me.  I see one, I kill it.  And I have yet to see one in the house.  I've really only seen one outside.  She was guarding her egg sack on the back deck, and Hubs dispatched her and her progeny for me.  (Only because he's taller and she was up high - otherwise, I wouldn't squashed the holy hell out of her myself.)

On the other hand, the brown recluse - also known as a fiddleback spider - is a major nuisance for me.  They are all over the damn place in my house.  I killed one last week as it sat on the ceiling over my bathroom sink.  (I needed to brush my teeth dammit.)  These days, I see a spider and within seconds, I know if it's a recluse or a regular spider.  And utterances of 'it's a brownie' can be heard as I scramble for the fly swatter. 

Unfortunately for all other spiders, their species doesn't matter if they're inside the house.  For most of my life, I'd let inside spiders live.  They eat other bugs, which is totally fine by me.  Eat away, friend.  But not here.  They come inside, they die.  Indiscriminately.

Unless it's a daddy longlegs (which are technically arachnids, but not spiders.)  I try to get them back outside.  They never bite and they're nature's little clean-up crew.  In fact, the black widow family we smushed?  By the next day, the daddies had the area spotless of dead widow goo.  So helpful. And personally, I find them fascinating.  As long as they don't walk up my legs when I'm not looking.  ;o)

What's your take on spiders? 


Silver James said...

Yes. Everything you said. Have you seen a daddy longlegs ball? They'll merge into this big "colony" and it's totally cool to watch! However, I've yet to figure out how they get into my house. I've got them walking across me while I'm laying in bed. It's crazy! The true spiders? Yeah, they better stay out of my way! Outside? S'all gravy. Inside? Longlegs' fodder. *nods*

B.E. Sanderson said...

I'd never seen anything like that until I moved here, Silver. They are pretty cool. I read somewhere that they do that to keep warm, but I don't know how true it is. Maybe they're just hanging out and talking shop. ;o)

jblynn said...

Not a spider fan, but I am fascinated with their webs. So beautiful and ethereal when glistening with dew.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I know, JB! Sometimes out in the forest behind the house we'll see a big web spun in the trees and when the morning sun catches it just right, it's amazing.

Karyn Good said...

I don't mind spiders if they confine themselves to the out of doors. Although come to think of it...not so much a fan of them outside either. {{shudder}}

B.E. Sanderson said...

They're definitely better outside than in, Karyn. And I totally understand - Hubs and the Kid can't stand spiders either.

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