Monday, September 1, 2014

Tastes Change

My senior year in high school, I was totally into heavy metal.  Dude, I went to the first Monsters of Rock in the Pontiac Silver Dome.  It totally rocked.  I don't remember all the bands that were there, but I know Metallica, Scorpion and Def Leppard were there.  (At least I think they were... I was hammered and it was a long time ago.)  The headlining act was Van Hagar... errr Van Halen. 

I also had Poison's first album on tape, went to a David Lee Roth concert (with the opening act Faster Pussycat... woohoo), and drove around listening to Queensryche, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, et al.

Today?  I can't stand pretty much any of those bands.  Oh sure, on occasion, I'll listen to a song - if it comes on the radio and nothing else is on - and get a little nostalgic.  But my days of headbanging are over.

In college, I got into jazz and some weirdly electronic instrumental music.  Some of that stuff I still enjoy, but it's not my go-to thing anymore.  I do need to find a copy of Spyrogyra's Catching the Sun album because I always remember that making me happy.

College was also where I got into some punk rock.  Not a lot, but just enough to color my tastes.

I've always had a love for classical - from my years playing flute - but now I only use it when I need some major downtime.  And big band - which my parents introduced me to, is for cleaning the house.

Even more recently, I've had a thing for 'angry girl music' that I used to need to write to, but that went away and now I find myself writing to what I guess could be termed folk rock - Lumineers, Delta Rae, Mumford and Sons - or a more peppy version of that put out by bands like Bastille and Imagine Dragons.

The other night, though, nothing seemed to spur the muse, so I clicked through my Pandora stations to find something that would work.  Know what it was?  Howard Jones and Crowded House.

What about your musical tastes?  How have they changed since high school?  Or are you still listening to the same stuff? 


jblynn said...

My music tastes change hour to hour.

Have you tried listening to Heavy Metal Classical? Plug in Dark Moor as a Pandora station and check it out!

My reading tastes have changed. In high school I couldn't get enough James Michener…now I doubt I'd make it through one of his books.

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, JB. I almost never listen to a CD all the way through. A couple songs and I'm off listening to something else. Same thing with radio stations. I think I listened to some classical heavy metal a long time ago. It's amazing what they can do with an electric guitar.

I'm such an eclectic reader anyway, but I hear you on not being able to go back to some authors. Like this re-read of Le Morte d'Arthur I'm trying to finish. I loved it when I was a teen, but now... not so much.

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