Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dictionary Day

Today is the day set aside to honor Noah Webster - the Father of the American Dictionary.

Being writers, we owe a lot to Mr. Webster.  

So, tell us, Killer Friends... How often do you use a dictionary?  Online version or hardcopy or CD?  And for a bit of fun, go to the dictionary of your choice and find a random word that starts with the first letter of your last name, and tell us what it is in the comments.

JB: My hard copies of my dictionary and my thesaurus were left behind when I moved and I miss them terribly. Using an online version just isn't the same.

LYART -- streaked with gray

B.E.: I actually don't use a dictionary all that often anymore, even though I'm surrounded by them.  I have a 2-volume set on the shelf on my desk, a red Websters on the reference shelf, the Encyclopedia of Dictionaries my parents gave me for high-school graduation...  When I need one, though, I usually hit Merriam-Webster Online or just Google the word and 'define'.

STIBINE -- a colorless, poisonous gas.


Silver James said...

I'm more about the thesaurus than I am the dictionary. I had a mother (who was shy of a Ph.D only because she didn't want to write a dissertation and I refused to help like I did with her master's thesis) who would yell at me to ask how to spell a word:

Her: "How do you spell oxygen?"

Me: "O-X-Y-G-E-N."

Her: "That's not right. Look it up."

Me. "WTF?!?"

So yeah. But I have them around though I usually default to on-line or program spellcheck.

Jalousie: (as opposed to jealousy) - A blind, window, or door with adjustable horizontal slats.

Which makes me wonder what it's called if the slats are vertical.... >.<

Karyn Good said...

I use online versions even though I love my Synonym Finder.

Turns out words beginning with G are not going to win any difficulty awards. LOL

gelignite:n - type of dynamite used for blasting.

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, that's an awesome story, Silver. My mom was always having us go use the dictionary to spell words. I always wondered (but NEVER said) how you look up a word when you don't know how to spell it. ;o) Great J word, btw!

I have a couple thesauruses for synonyms, Karyn, but they're both Roget. (One hardcover, one paperback.) And I still use Word's function when I want to change a word. LOL Ooo, great G word, too!

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