Tuesday, October 14, 2014

EVERYTHING TO LOSE by Danielle Girard -- Teaser Tuesday

JB: I had the great ummm…honor?? of being physically struck by author Danielle Girard at the Writers' Police Academy.  (Don't worry, we were practicing disarming one another. She was WAY better at it than I will ever be.)  Since she was kind enough to not do me any lasting harm, I invited her to share her new release here.


Featuring Sex Crimes Inspector Jamie Vail

When the daughter of San Francisco socialites Gavin and Sondra Borden is brutally assaulted, Jamie Vail makes it her mission to find the attacker. A seasoned Sex Crimes Inspector with the SFPD, work is what Jamie does best. She isn’t distracted by the fact that her adopted son and the victim go to the same school.

Jamie can almost set aside that the man caught on tape with the victim is a man she’s been wary of for years, her son's biological father. At home, her son is performing poorly in school, becoming more reclusive, and nothing she does can draw him out. Every piece of evidence seems to bring her closer to home. 

Desperate to be wrong, Jamie must find Charlotte's attacker before her son lands behind bars, or worse…

Available at:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1oYIbvu
Nook: http://bit.ly/1kU1mc7
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1s3t9ba

As one of four children, Danielle Girard grew up in a house where the person with the best story got heard, and it’s probably no surprise that fast-paced suspense stories have always been her favorite. Girard’s books have won the Barry Award and been selected for the RT Reviewers Choice Award. Two of her novels have been optioned for movies. Visit her website at www.daniellegirard.com.


B.E. Sanderson said...

Sounds like an awesome book! Thanks for teasing us with it this morning, Danielle!

And thanks for not breaking JB. ;o)

Karyn Good said...

Fast paced suspense! My favorite! Will have to check it out.

Danielle Girard said...

Thanks so much, Killer Chicks. So happy to be today's teaser!

Danielle Girard

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