Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting Older and Regressing

Okay, I'm sick of getting older.  Things ache.  I have to watch what I eat or it kills my old-lady digestive system.  I have to wear my glasses to read hardcopy books because they make the typeface so tiny.  (I enlarged the font on my Kindle already.)  I have gray hairs and wrinkles.  Hubs and I both think it pretty much sucks.

On the other hand, we're also both regressing.  The other day a friend of mine mentioned that since her husband retired recently, they were both behaving like unsupervised 4 year olds.  That really resonated with me, so I shared it with Hubs, and we both had a good laugh.

We are the poster-children for retired adults turning into unsupervised 4 year olds.

We laugh at just about everything.  We talk to each other in funny voices, we make up songs, we eat ice cream for dinner sometimes.  And dinner for breakfast.  I stick my tongue out at him.  He dances through the office. We watch kids' movies sometimes, because we can.  We tell crass jokes... okay, that one is more me than him, but he's the one who laughs at them. Sometimes we do these things out in public.

Why not?  We were responsible adults for more years than either of us want to count anymore.  And we HAD TO be respectable people.  And now? 

Well, now we're kinda free.  Consider it reliving our youth.  Perhaps it's years and years of pent-up sophomoric behavior finally bursting free.  Either way, it's a helluva lot more fun than the staid faces we presented to the world previously.

You know that old poem about wearing purple when you're an old woman?  Screw purple.  I can wear purple any time.  I'm going to spend days in my pajamas instead. And wear garish hot pink exercise clothes when I'm not exercising.  And skirts for no reason other than I want to wear a skirt. 

And if I want to walk through Walmart singing along with the piped-in music out loud, I do it.  Life's too short to not sing along. 

What are some 'unsupervised 4 year old' things you do?  Or if you're not in a position to do so, what are you looking forward to doing when you retire?


Silver James said...

Lawyer Guy watches cartoons. A lot. And in the car, we make up "voice overs" for people in the vehicles around us at stop lights. It's pretty funny sometimes. Sometimes we laugh because it's really stupid and we find *that* hysterical. LOL

jblynn said...

Have you ever seen the "Senior Citizens are Recycled Teenagers"? :-)

A couple of times a year I have Cracker Jacks for breakfast…how's that for immature? ;-)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Hubs was watching cartoons for a while, Silver, but he got bored. OMG, voiceovers? I bet that's hilarious. And yes, sometimes the laughter makes more laughter. ;o)

I haven't seen that, JB. I'll have to go search for it. Heh, I picked up Cracker Jacks the other day. Didn't have them for breakfast, but oh man, did they bring back memories.

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