Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - A Villain's POV

This morning I thought I've give you a little bit from my suspense novel, Dying Embers.  So without further ado, here's Emma...

As she drove through the mountains of western Colorado, Emma whistled a strange mixture of Big Rock Candy Mountain and the theme from an old TV show.  She felt too happy to look for songs with words.
The sky was one sheet of solid blue above her; the wind ruffled her bangs.  All in all it was just about the most beautiful day she could remember.  With a lilting giggle, she pulled her platinum-blonde hair from its confines and let the open air have its way with her tresses.  Her husband wouldn’t allow her to drive the convertible, and when he drove, he insisted the top stay up.  Personally, Emma never saw the point of owning such a beautiful car if you didn’t utilize its finer points.  With Will out of the way, she was free to do as she pleased, and she decided driving with the top down had to be the car’s finest point of all.
“You don’t mind me driving your baby, do you Darling?” she shouted into the wind.  Other than the sound of the world around her, there was no answer.
With one hand grasped firmly around the steering wheel, she reached out to caress the gentle curves of metal buckled into the seat beside her.
“I thought not.”  He really was so much quieter since the accident, and after the cremation, so much easier to handle.
Eight down and three to go, then back home to enjoy the fruits of Will’s labors.  The big house overlooking Lake Michigan; the Packers season tickets he never bothered to share with her. 
“I bet he took that bitch,” she grumbled, shattering the lighthearted mood she’d spent all morning adopting. 
Of all the women in the world, why her husband chose to dog around with the likes of Molly Jensen still grated on her nerves.  A career woman through and through.  Molly’s husband cried at the funeral, and hung on Emma like she was his last tenuous thread to reality. 
Killing him had really been more mercy than justice, but in the end, only the strong should survive and Neil just wasn’t the strong type.  After a few hours in his company, it was easy to see who wore the pants in their family.  Too bad it was Emma’s husband who took those pants off.  If Neil had been a stronger husband, maybe she wouldn’t be forced to do any of this. 
Looking back, though, she was glad he hadn’t been one of the eight.  He was no more than… what was the phrase… Collateral damage?  No.  More like euthanizing a runt puppy; it was too weak to live in the world anyway.  Neil slipped silently into his last goodnight, and she slipped away into her mission.
Her list held an even dozen.  Really such a miniscule number—considering the number of men in the world—but no others committed sufficient enough crimes against her to achieve the justice she had planned.  Plenty of others deserved some minor form of retribution, to be sure, but only the original list deserved to die.  For now.
And lucky her, they laid themselves out in such a neat little trail for her to follow.  After Will, the next few were within a day’s drive of home, and the final four were laid out like hopscotch.  Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California.
Her teeth ground together at the thought of the last bastard on her list.  He was the one who started the whole thing, and he would be the last to die.  Maybe she’d combine a little bit of Will’s accident with a little bit of Kyle’s—let him suffer slowly for a long time, and then let him feel the heat of hell’s breath on his neck before he died.
She only hoped it wouldn’t be as quick as Arthur’s death.  Talk about premature eradication.  Or as unsatisfying as Joe’s.  How was she supposed to know there was water at the bottom of that gully?  Death by drowning wasn’t part of her plan, but on the upside, they’d never find the body. 
Thinking about it now, that was just the sort of end a man like Joe Dillon deserved.
As she pulled off into a rest stop, she patted her husband’s urn.  “We won’t make that mistake again, will we, Honey?”


Silver James said...

Okay. She is sufficiently psychotic. LOL and I LOVE "premature eradication." I want to steal that phrase but I won't. :D

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, thanks, Silver!

jblynn said...

Love "premature eradication"!

And I do love a great bad gal!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, JB! Emma's the best at being worst.

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