Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tracking and Inspiration

Last night I saw this post by Jennifer Louden.

In it, she talks about tracking what works for you and understanding what works in one's process.

It caught my eye because I've been making an effort to track more things over the last couple of months and one of my goals for October is to fill out my tracking sheet EVERY day. 

What I've learned from my intermittent tracking:

1) If I stay home to write in the morning, it takes me HOURS to get started, but if I get out early, I write right away.

2) 45 minutes is about my limit. I can only write for 45 minutes at a stretch. Then I have to close the computer, get up, and walk around. After ten or fifteen minutes, I can go back for another 45 minutes. I can do this for a total of three hours, but then I need to take a LONG break (two or three hours) before I can return to writing.

3) The more "in flow" I am, the more I curse in a manuscript. 

4) Planning what I'm going to write ahead of time (sometimes planning it two or three times) helps both the quality and quantity of words. 

5) The more I write, the easier it is to make connections.  It's hard to explain, but I feel like when I'm writing fast and loose, I'm also writing tight and hard.

I'll share my "daily" tracking results in November.

One of the things I'm tracking is what inspires me. One day last week it was Craigslist. I'd like to write a character based on the person who posted this ad:

 BEWARE Don't buy Visa Gift Cards from man driving a black nissan titan 

He pulled up driving a Black Nissan Titan and had two woman with him. They all seemed cracked out and were all missing all their teeth. The number he contacted me with was xxx-xxxx
but when I called it one of the woman from that was with him answered and was a real nasty bitch and played the victim. Do not buy gift cards from this man! I believe his name is Richard xxxxxxx. BEWARE

I can practically see the woman (it's GOT to be a woman, don't you agree?) who would buy gift cards from a guy in a car and then get pissed about being disrespected. What about you?

Tell me Killer Friends: What, if anything do you track? And what method do you use to do it?


B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, I'd forward the ad to the authorities. Anyone selling gift cards out of their car probably stole them.

I've never done that in-depth a tracking. I write until I can write no more, and in the session, I might get up for a beverage or a bathroom break or to stretch my legs or have a smoke. But I love seeing how other writers do what they do. And maybe tracking the sessions more thoroughly would be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!

Karyn Good said...

I don't do any kind of tracking. Never actually thought about it. It might be just the thing I need to keep me accountable.

I don't go on Craigslist. I should start. Quite entertaining!

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