Monday, November 3, 2014

Changes are Good Things... Honest.

Yeah, yeah, that subject up there is pretty rich coming from a self-avowed hater of change, but I do recognize it's good every once in a while.  Take the change I'm announcing today for this blog.  It's a good thing.

We're getting a new Killer Chick!  Starting next Monday, author Karyn Good will be joining our illustrious and infamous ranks.  Tomorrow, I'll be posting a teaser to Karyn's upcoming release OFF THE GRID to give you an introduction to her writing.  (Totally awesome stuff, btw.  If you haven't read her yet, go check her out.)  Which leads me to another change...

I won't be doing Mondays anymore - at least for the month of November.  Karyn will be taking over those.  While I'm all wrapped up with NaNo, I'll be moving to Fridays.  JB will be keeping Wednesdays.  And our Tuesdays and Thursdays will either be off days or random posts.  We'll see how it all works and re-evaluate after the first of the year.  Feel free to let us know what you think.  (Although we may not always incorporate suggestions, we're always happy to see what you think.) 

Keep your eyes peeled and stop by to see what's up. (As if you don't already.) 

As for other changes, I let it out on my personal blog, so I might as well here, too.  I'll be jumping into self-publishing after the first of the year sometime, so you all will finally get to read what I've been teasing about all this time.  Right now I'm still in the planning stages, but I'll let you know when things are firmed up and I have actual release dates and junk.

See, change is a good thing.  A nausea-making thing, but a good thing.

How do you feel about change?


jblynn said...

Change is a necessary evil imho, B.E.

Congrats to you and a big welcome to Karyn!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Exactly, JB! Necessary but evil. ;o)

Karyn Good said...

Congratulations, B.E.! Such exciting news. Lots of things to think about and get ready. We're here for you!

Thank you for the warm welcome! I can't wait to tell people I'm a Killer Chick!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, Karyn! It's exciting and scary and a little queasy-making. And go ahead and spread the news. You are a Killer Chick.

Silver James said...

Yay!!! Karyn!!!! Welcome! Not that JB and BE haven't been awesome. ;)

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