Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gold stars!

This weekend I was out shopping with a writer friend (yes, writers DO occasionally do things other than write and drink too much coffee) and since I'd given her a wall calendar for the holidays, she was looking for stickers to use on it to mark her writing progress.

Sort of like the gold star stickers some teachers used on their classroom calendars. (I never had one of those teachers, but I've heard about them.)

She asked me if I'd ever tried the method and I admitted I had, but I usually only got three days in before I forgot about the stickers, or stopped making progress, or gave up on my goals.

Now I make To Do lists. Lots of them. I have a daily To Do list. I have a weekly To DO list. Project lists, monthly lists, annual lists…Hell, I even have a bucket list.

But I don't use gold stars (or in my friend's case, cartoon character stickers).

I'm thinking of trying the Gold Star Method in 2015, but first I'll have to get a calendar and some stickers. Sounds like a good excuse to make a quick trip to the dollar store.

Tell me Killer Friends: Do YOU use gold stars to track your accomplishments? If you do, what do you use them for and what does your method look like? If you don't, what could you use a gold star for? 


B.E. Sanderson said...

Ack. I need to buy a calendar! We use them for all sorts of stuff, but never with gold stars. One calendar has important stuff we need to do on a regular basis - like changing furnace filters or noting when Max had a shot. Another has a record of home stuff. I need a third one to put on the wall in front of me, so I can keep track of dates and junk for self-publishing. (I keep forgetting to open the computer one, so I better get a paper one I can't close.)

I never had a teacher hand out gold stars either, so they're not a motivational tool for me. Seeing that I've got to do this on that date will kick me in the pants. I hope.

Silver James said...

I have calendars on my office wall and the fridge. Writing progress is noted by the number of words on my Scrivener project. Other important dates go in the phone with a ping to remind me the day before. I also write short-term deadlines on a white board. I still forget, though.

I had gold stars all the time in grade school. We got them for finishing reading a book. Red ones were for math. Didn't have many of them. :-P Blue ones were for English/History (LOTS) and green for science (ah, no).

Karyn Good said...

I don't know why I admire organization in others and am so bad at it myself. The only calendar I have is on my phone. Sometimes I add things to it. Most often I don't. I'm aware its December. That's its Wednesday. But honestly, I have no idea what the date is. I admit it. I'm a horrible person. I need to start making lists. Lists are my friend.

No gold stars. I had many teachers that were attached to sticking any colored star on everything undertaken in the classroom. I remember feeling like a horrible failure the times I didn't manage to procure one of those coveted little stickers.

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