Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Survival Toolkit

It’s December. How did it get to be December already? With the holidays just around the corner, a Mount Everest of shopping, baking, wrapping and cleaning to be climbed.

Ba Humbug!

I’m not really a Scrooge. I love all that stuff. Mostly. BUT, you do need a few essentials to see you through to the end game.

  • Holiday Music (all kinds)

To be blasted and used indiscriminately when doing any holiday activity
  • Vodka, so you can make truly awesome Caesars

To be enjoyed after all that cleaning. Or wrapping. Or baking. But especially after any type of shopping excursion.
  • A great gingerbread men recipe

            What are the holidays without gingerbread?
  • The movie Love Actually or The Holiday

            My favs! What are yours?
  • Cozy blankets and hot chocolate (or hot apple cider) (or wine)

            Needed for late night relaxation sessions after shopping, wrapping, or baking marathons
  • The right tape

Do not underestimate the importance of this one. It can make or break a gift wrapping session.

But most of all, A BIG STACK OF BOOKS! Nothing distracts from the craziness of the holidays like curling up with a book and escaping into the pages.

What’s in your Holiday Survival Toolkit?


B.E. Sanderson said...

My biggest tool in the Holiday Survival kit is solitude. As long as I can step away, I can de-stress, and the holidays become so much easier without the stress. =o)

Silver James said...

Tape is essential! Duct tape is your friend. LOL

Wine. Definitely. That reminds me, I need to find a local distributor for a wine called Seven Sisters. YUM!

Now you've got me thinking about all the holiday things I have to do and don't want to. I need to get Christmas cards. *sigh* Maybe Bah Humbug isn't a bad thing after all. LOLOL

Karyn Good said...

B.E. some solitude is always a good thing, but especially precious during holiday season. The ability to walk away for even a few minutes is definitely a skill needed in a holiday survival toolkit.

Karyn Good said...

And they have such pretty duct tape these days, Silver! I need to stock up. Seven Sisters, I"ll have to see if it's available here. Also need to stock up. LOL Have fun writing those Christmas cards!

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