Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How I'm seeing life lately

I like to take pictures on my morning walk but lately it looks like this (feels more like Seattle than Florida)

So grey and dreary

But there ARE the occasional pops of beauty to be found

Not to mention the silliness of someone who loves to roll in the dirt at the dog park

She looks much better when she's clean

Tell me Killer Friends: What are YOU seeing lately?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Ooo, pretty pics! Sorry it's all foggy for you lately. It's a little foggy around here, too. But the sun will burn it all off eventually. And the little bits of beauty you can find always helps. =o)

Aww, Smudge is so cool. What a cutie. i can totally picture her rolling around in the dirt, having a gay old time.

Karyn Good said...

The view here is white. But the temperature has been down right agreeable. We catching up to the longest night of the year here. On Dec. 21 the sun will rise at 8:57 am and set at 4:57 pm. So it's also dark. But all the Christmas lights and holiday spirit make things bright.

jblynn said...

B.E. -- She is a BIG roller….doesn't matter if it's dirt or asphalt or carpet or cement

Karyn --Glad things are bright…if white. ;-)

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