Wednesday, January 21, 2015

JUSTIFIED and SHADOW by Maureen A. Miller

I'm a big fan of JUSTIFIED. It's pretty much my only Must See TV.

Last night was the season premiere (of the last season, boo hoo!) so I hurriedly walked the dog and settled in to watch my favorite anti-heroes.  (If you haven't seen it, you may not want to read further, I'm not including any major spoilers, but there are some minor ones.)

The Good:

The credits made me happy because Jere Burns (I just love Wynn Duffy) was listed.

Also, I'm thrilled that they introduced Garret Dillahunt, who wants to buy Raylan's dad's dilapidated home for a briefcase full of cash.  His bad guys tend to be very evil and very smart, so he should fit into Harlan County just fine.

They gave Tim something to do! (Poor Tim and Rachel never got their due with this show imho.)

Dewey Crowe!

The Bad:

Raylan and Boyd didn't have a scene together. While I understand that the writers face a big challenge trying to put them together in ways that aren't contrived, I tune in to see those two verbally spar.

Winona's hair -- WTF?!?! She's up in the middle of the night, watching over her baby in the crib (there obviously was no baby in the crib when she shot her part) and her hair looked like she'd just stepped out of a shampoo commercial. Was the audience supposed to infer that her life in Miami is so much more glamorous than in Harlan? We didn't need a Glamour Shot for that.

The Ugly: 

I won't say since I'm trying not to put out big spoilers, but it made me sad.

They did a good job of setting up the season's arc. Will Raylan finally be able to take down Boyd? It's definitely suspenseful, what with Ava stuck in the middle. (Not that I really care what happens to Ava…she lost me when she beat up the prostitute a few seasons ago.)

Speaking of thrilling, check out the release from my pal, Maureen A. Miller!!

The Shadow was watching her again. Sophie Diem could not see him. She could not prove he was there.

Sometimes he would approach. On those occasions she tried to run. Running was pointless, though. He would always return. And he would always ask the same question−over and over and over…

Where is Nathan Bethard?

Sophie's boss has skipped town, abandoning their counseling firm. Now a stranger is stalking her. Granted, the man is drop-dead gorgeous, but nonetheless, he is still a stalker. In an attempt to flee him, she seeks a new London.

Surely crossing the Atlantic will be enough to deter her shadow.

Find out more about Maureen's books here.

Last week's contest was a bit of a bust, but congrats to B.E. Sanderson who won a copy of DEADLY FORCE by Misty Evans.

Tell me Killer Friends: Are you a Justified fan? Are you a Maureen A. Miller fan? (I am!)
What's thrilling you this week? (I'm working on edits for The Hitwoman's Downward Dog…maybe not "thrilling" but exciting.)


B.E. Sanderson said...

Bummer about the bust contest, but squee cuz I get to read Deadly Force!

I haven't watched Justified, but I do like the one commercial they have out now. "You talk like we ain't already dead."

Maureen's book sounds awesome. I'll have to snag a copy. Thanks!

Maureen A. Miller said...

Hey B.E.! Thank you!

Hi Jen. When I originally received this cover from the artist, I had to chuckle. The heroine in SHADOW suffers a concussion and has a few headache episodes. I notice this model is holding her head. :)

Karyn Good said...

I'v watched the first few seasons of Justified in one of those marathon weekend Netflix sessions. We really liked it but for some reason didn't continue once new seasons were added. Will have to start watching again!

Maureen, your book sounds great. Off to check it out!

jblynn said...

B.E. -- LOL, I yelled, "So die already" to the character who says that line. Maureen IS awesome.

Maureen -- That's hilarious!

Karyn -- I think that it's one of those shows where some seasons are better than others. The season with Margo Martindale was probably my favorite.

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