Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Proud to be caught singing "Ice, Ice Baby"

You know that moment when you're rocking out,  singing along with a song on the car radio and you realize the person in the next car is watching you, thoroughly amused by your antics.

That happened to me the other day in the supermarket parking lot.

The radio station was playing Vanilla Ice's "Ice, ice baby" so instead of parking and getting out of my car, I parked and sat there and sang along with every lyric.
I didn't even notice the guy who'd been watching me sing until the song was over and I'd emerged from the car and he said something along the lines of, "Not everyone knows every word of that song."

And I had that moment of "please let the earth just swallow me whole" embarrassment, but then I shook it off and said, "I find it inspirational." No doubt he found that even odder than my singing, but it's true.

Whenever I have to write a scene that features, or is a result of, Armani Vasquez from the CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN series and the MATCHMAKER MYSTERIES, I listen to "Ice, ice baby" since it was her first psychic moment…one she tragically didn't heed. Please don't get me started on the danger of Zamboni machines.

So I'm proud to be caught singing that particular song because it means I'm stoking my creative juices.
Another way I'm stirring the creativity pot this year is by participating in a photo-a-day challenge. I've really enjoyed the prompts so far and have been posting them on my Facebook page.

Here's one that I took for the "round" prompt, but didn't go with:

Another thing I'm doing to keep the creative fires burning is writing a minimum of words. This week the goal's been 2000 words (manuscript words…not blog posts, emails, notes, etc.). As of Wednesday night I'd written 13801, so I'm doing well.  When I remember to, I'm tweeting about my word count progress.

Tell me Killer Friends: What "embarrassing" thing are you proud to be seen doing? How are you filling your creative well?  Do YOU know the words to "Ice, ice baby"????


B.E. Sanderson said...

Good for you - getting all inspired and letting it flow! And hey, he was the one who was standing there watching you sing. Maybe it inspires him, too. =o)

Nope, I don't know all the words to that one. I can sing American Pie all the way though, though. And Bohemian Rhapsody. So I guess if anyone caught me with those two and said the same thing, I'd be pretty proud.

Karyn Good said...

Don't know the words to Ice, Ice, Baby. Don't know if I know all the words to any song. You can count on me to get the words wrong. But I like to listen to certain songs on repeat that inspire me!

You inspire me as well. I had thought doing the photo challenge but waffled. When you started I thought what the heck, I love taking pictures!

But I do mine on Instagram.

Silver James said...

I got caught at a red light singing "We Are Family." Then I realized that every car in the intersection was on the same radio station and we were ALL rocking the song! It was a hysterical moment.

The Only and I sing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" when we road trip. People in other cars look at us strangely which cracks us up.

I have sound tracks for my books so yeah, music is a big deal, even if I don't know all the words or sing along. And no, I'm not a Vanilla Ice fan, but I love how you worked the song into Armani's story. :)

jblynn said...

LOL, maybe I did, B.E.
I know the American Pie words, but I'm pretty sure I make up my own lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody.

jblynn said...

I'm the Queen of Repeat Songs, Karyn! i can listen to a single song, all day long, for up to a week on end. That's not weird, is it? ;-)

Good for you. I'm not Instagram, but maybe I should be...

jblynn said...

That's an awesome moment, Silver! Made me smile just imagining it.

I wasn't a Vanilla Ice fan UNTIL I wrote Armani, lol.

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