Friday, January 16, 2015

Sticky Notes and Other Stuff

Right now, my desk is a disaster area.  Seems like just last week, it was really tidy, but we all know it was more than a week ago. 

I have piles of genealogy print outs on top of my computer. On the monitor base, I have a stack of business cards I may or may not ever need.  I have stacks of sticky notes underneath and beside that - reminding me to do things that may or may not have ever gotten done, keeping track of story ideas for various things I'm working on, and a couple with hints for other stuff.

On my actual pad of sticky notes, I have a reminder to walk my mom through some Excel stuff on Monday.  Next to that, there's a freshly de-padded note to put something in the checkbook.  Next to that is the checkbook.  (Hey, the checkbook has only been there since last night when I remembered I have bills to pay this morning.)

I have a dayplanner on my desk, too.  I keep buying dayplanners and never using them.  This year's is green.  And right now, it has the same things written in it that are on my wall calendar.

And smack in the middle is a lovely card a very good friend sent me.  It's a puppydog romping through deep snow, and above the dog, it says "We conquer by continuing. - George Matheson."  So if I ever get discouraged about the self-publishing process, I'll remember to not give up.

It's a wise thing to remember. 

What's on your sticky notes?  Do you even use them?  Please tell me some of you are more organized than I am.  (Not that I'm totally unorganized - I just go for controlled chaos as an organization method.  LOL)


Karyn Good said...

I love sticky notes! There are stuck on my desk, the walls of my offices, and in notebooks. one of them is a idea for a book title: The Kill Fee. Dates and times for appointments which is a very bad to keep track of those things. Previously, I would put notes regarding my wip but now that I use Scrivener I make note of things and that is a much more organized way to go about keeping my thoughts straight.

Silver James said...

My desk is always a disaster area. Ten minutes after I clean and sort, it's right back to mess. As for sticky notes, those suckers are like dust bunnies. They congregate, propagate, and extravagate. That last one makes it hard to keep them corralled, though I try with my bulletin board and stick pens. LOL

B.E. Sanderson said...

Yay for sticky notes, Karyn! And I love The Kill Fee. Write it! I have book notes everywhere. Scrivener wouldn't help because I write stuff down wherever I happen to be on whatever is available. I'd then have to remember to enter it - which ain't my strongest point.

B.E. Sanderson said...

^5 for the disaster desk crew! I swear it comes from spontaneous generation, Silver. Notes are hard to corral. They're like the dust bunnies of writing.

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